The Secret to Not Looking Tired

the secret to not looking tired, pillows and sheets, lazy daysSomething extremely alarming is happening this week and no, it is not the snow storm of the century, who has been named Hercules which makes me laugh beyond your imagination. I have woken up for two days in a row rested and in the same position I went to sleep the night before. It is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, and all of this happened before my alarm clock went off.


Beauty Always Comes from Within

Love Actually, Give Back, Charity, Christmas time, Beauty

You see, sometimes it is hard for me to do anything for anyone besides myself… Take today for example, I got up around 12:30pm (in my defense I didn’t get home from the airport until about 2am, there was a lost iPad involved and it is a long story without much of a payoff). (more…)

Is Acne the Scariest Part of Life?

Facial Oil Routine, Facial Oil, Aneeno Moisturizer, Fresh Seaberry, Philosophy Hope, Beauty products moving fast

As many of you know, I had a birthday recently. After a lot of thought I am completely torn about where I am at when it comes to a facial beauty routine. (more…)

Secrets, Secrets are No Fun

alexander wang telling a secret, secrets, beauty secrets,

Everyone has secrets. For real. Everyone. And while secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone is pretty much bull shit at this point in adulthood, some secrets keep us going… and yes, some are bad. I have this theory that I don’t really tell people, as I am afraid the moment I say it out loud it will be revealed as completely ridicules and I will no longer be able to live by this theory. The premise goes like this, every day without notice I should be able to jump into a bikini and take a swim. You know, like a free spirit… like you’re in a car with a friend driving somewhere and say, “hey that lake looks nice, let’s jump in, I have my bikini in my bag,” like someone who just lives that sort of anything could happen at a moments notice life.  (more…)

Some Like it Hot Oil

V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hairI really do not know who is doing the marketing for V05 hot oil, but I really think they need to give me a call. First off – with the serious throwbacks to the 90’s that are happening right now, (everywhere and anywhere) V05 have a gold mine on their hands. Not to mention that shit works. It is the same with all my friends and anyone I talk to. (more…)

The Playlist

balloons in the sky, balloons for party, playlists

A while back BuzzFeed listed 23 signs you’ve lived in New York too long…  and they were so painfully true it hurt… The one that I had never really thought about is the fact that we walk around with our earbuds glued to the inside of our ears. God forbid for one walking second of new york life we don’t have music in our ears. (more…)

A Hairbrush For Forever

A Hairbrush for Forever, The Perfect Hairbrush, Best Hairbrushes

For the Last Time,

Because it has almost been a year…
So it is time to go with something new!

I am not going to lie to you, I don’t even brush my hair everyday… In fact, if a hair is out of place most of the time I just cut it off with the handy hair cutting scissors I keep on the bathroom counter. This is also why next week when I go get my haircut I am taking a picture of Freja Beha Erichsen. I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t brush her hair either. And if she does, it doesn’t look like it, so it is exactly the look I am going for.


The Many Faces of Gwyn, Kate, and Nicole

Nicole Richie with Harlow, Nicole Richie in denim shorts, Nicole Richie black boots,

For Ben,

Because he understands,
So change it up, bitch…

It has been brought to my attention that I’m not much for routines. I’ve never made it to work at the same time each day, I’ve never been able to commit to something “once a week” such as yoga and for the most part I think it is safe to say, I like to change it up…

With that being said, we are kissing the “series” goodbye. I will update those thoughts when they mean something. Predictability doesn’t turn me on.


The Color of Life

Punk: Chaos to CoutureFor a Life Full of Color,

Because sometimes the same ole gets boring…
So splash some color on it!!

New York Fashion Week was last week. Again. While I am sure everyone is dying to know how my NYFW went, unless you are interested in the clickety clackety of my fingers hitting the keyboard “over and over, and over, and over, and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol” we should move on. Among other things, NYFW can also be blamed for my lack of posts. Really, it is time to move on.

So, as my fingers were clickety clacking at my keyboard far past an appropriate time for the day to end, I reminisced over a time much less busy. It was then that I remembered that time I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala. That was one serious case of FOMO, but after a glass of wine I was over it… (more…)


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