Mom Knows Best

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Over on Catwalk Cult I told you guys about all the things I have done in the name of cool… It went like this: (more…)

Beauty Map: Lower Manhattan

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After the 70+ degrees we experienced a couple weekends ago in New York I was ready to paint some color on my toes. (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil


The other day I was having a drink with a friend and we started discussing Purim, as one does this time of year. We laughed at how cute the pictures of our friend’s children were in our instagram feed. Naturally, the discussion moved to a more general discussion of Judaism which included the ancient Jewish exodus from Egypt, this only led to the the modern, social implications tied to the splitting of the Red Sea when – just kidding, we were talking about my hair. Obviously, what else would we be talking about.


My Hair Reinvention

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When it came to the ombre game, deep down I knew I could never win. I gave it my best and I am proud of what I accomplished. Jared Leto was an outstanding competitor and he held on for far longer than I ever could have. (more…)

A Strongly Worded Letter to Dry Shampoo

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My Dearest Friend,

When we first met, I was skeptical to say the least. I never told you, but for years before we met, I had quite an intimate relationship with an impostor of dry shampoo. I didn’t want to tell you because I was embarrassed. It started in college. I was too tired and too lazy to wash my hair, and I didn’t need to impress anyone. It is important you know that. I want you to be able to understand where I am coming from. So without anyone to impress, I didn’t care as much as maybe I should have about my hair and as a result I started to sprinkle my scalp with baby powder in the morning.  (more…)

Deserted & On To Healthy Hair

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Bear with me, this is going to be a stretch…

On Sunday night I did not watch the Super Bowl. Rather, I proceeded as I would on any other Sunday night. (more…)

Growing Out Bangs

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I have given up on the dream that I could look like Alexa Chung, Brigitte Bardot, or Jane Birkin. Why? Because, they have bangs. Bangs are a lot of fun to get, and a lot less fun to get rid of. Like the house guest you thought it would be fun to hang with for a couple hours because you didn’t have anything to do, but here it is 5 hours later, really wanting to go to bed, and they are still here, with the remote, and now they are choosing which Girls episode we are going to rewatch? When it is time to go, it is time to go. Au revoir! I should know better given this is probably the 144th time I have cut bangs and then decided a few months later to grow them out.

brigitte bardo in red scarf, behind the mirror, growing bangs out

Pins, Pins, and more Pins.
These are in every pocket of every pant, every coat, and every bag I have right now.
Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements.
Everybody needs a little help sometimes.
Sheer those suckers.
This has helped me the most and I am very excited to share this trick with you. It is the first time I have done it, so if it is old news to you, skip to the next idea. Either have your hairstylist or do it yourself, but take the sheer scissors (not regular hair cutting scissors, sheers!) and thin out the bangs so they blend more with your hair. Once you take the weight out, start to push them to the side.
New Dos.
So, for about two weeks after the holidays I wore a bun on the top of my head. The tippy top, since that was as far as my bangs would reach. This works because you can use the pins to hold the bangs and cover it up with the bun. Especially, if it is a messy bun. All good just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair has a messy bun.
Embrace YOUR hair.
This is a big one for me. As much as I whine about wanting just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair, truth be told, embracing the hair you have with confidence is what works best. Forget the fact that I don’t wash or brush my hair everyday, but when I do, I don’t blow dry or style it what so ever. My hair does what ever it wants to do, but because I am totally fine with it, so is everyone else. Because, if we are really being honest, my hair could look 3,000 times better.
Alexa Chung with Bangs, Behind the Mirror, Growing out Bangs

What other tricks are out there? Come on, give me some in the comments because this is a rough time for me…

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, here, and here, xoxo behind the mirror***

Gift Guide: Let the Countdown Begin

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Baby, it’s cold outside. And dark.

Do you know that today it was dark in NYC at 4:32? Perhaps, that isn’t what google will tell you, but I saw it out the window from my very small, cube like desk… darkness. Let me be clear, that is not what I meant when I said daylight savings night was my favorite holiday. Thank God for the 8 day festival of lights, (my new favorite holiday, just kidding it is still daylight saving night when I get an extra hour to sleep) otherwise it would have been seriously dark up in here. This debaclery does nothing but make one forgetful and tired. But alas, I have not forgotten what I said I would do. Since I try to be a woman of my word, and since I said “as often as I can I will suggest some items that have double the give back value.

We can do that now…  (more…)

The Untold Truth of Bangs

I don’t know about you but I can be a late night Pinterest stalker. Pinterest requires absolutely no thought. Which is one reason why I am assuming it is such a big hit. Basically, I just scroll down and down and look at beautiful pictures of beautiful people and beautiful things that then leave me feeling inspired as if I too, can create beauty.



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