Behind the Mirror of… Kara McNeil

Kara McNeil, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer

Behind the Mirror of…

Kara McNeil

Marc Jacobs Beauty Buyer


White as a Diamond

pretty white teeth, coral white teeth, coral white

For Katerina,

Because we are becoming one and the same…
So I am taking it to a new level!!!

As tips are shared with me, I share them with you. That’s just how I roll. So here is the thing, all I have ever really wanted is to help people feel beautiful. Like really beautiful. The way you feel when you leave the salon with a new haircut that was blown out perfectly. You know you aren’t going to be able to recreate it at home, but for that walk and maybe even for the rest of the night you look dynamite and you know it. You own this town. Or right after you leave the nail salon, for all of the 10 minutes before you chip that bitch on your keys trying to dig them out of your bag to get in your apartment, you honestly believe you have beautiful hands. That is the beautiful I am talking about!


Behind the Mirror of… Courtney Cowart

Behind the Mirror of…

Courtney Cowart

Actress, Singer


Epic is the Era

For the 90’s,
Because I don’t care, (I love it)…
So this was the 90’s bitch!
There are many ways to feel beautiful. Rumor has it exercise is one of those ways. While you are probably not going to see me post on this topic often since it isn’t part of my beauty routine, (except saturday yoga, of course) it is worth noting. There is no better way to get ready for a workout than to put on some jams to pump you up. Recently Icona Pop’s I love it is doing the trick. The song quotes I’m a 90’s bitch… these two ladies were barely 13 by the end of the 90’s, which leads me to believe the only thing they know about the 90’s is the Land Before Time (the second one!), not exactly what I would consider a 90’s bitch. I actually am a 90’s bitch. Which means I was in my prime in the 90’s. Well, not my prime, but I was discovering who I am for sure.

Beach Body Ready

For Noa, 

Because I am coming to visit…
So we will finally be reunited!


Stand Up Tall

For Mindy,
Because it is the little things that matter…
So keep those tip toes in tip top shape!


Things Are Looking UP

promotional post


Because everybody likes quick & easy…
So get online and take action!


Soaking It In

For Megan,
Because I wish we could play together more…
So until then let’s Detox!



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