Beauty Map: Lower Manhattan

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After the 70+ degrees we experienced a couple weekends ago in New York I was ready to paint some color on my toes. (more…)

On the Other Side of the World

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As told to Behind the Mirror by Catwalk Cult.

It’s such an awesome opportunity to be able to collaborate with the beautiful Amanda from “Behind the Mirror,” and I am so excited to be able to do this guest post swap with her. Just goes to show how connected the Internet (and our blogs) make us given we’re on complete opposite sides of the world. (more…)

Paint it Red

Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nailsSome of you may have noticed that I spent the holidays on the other side of the world by the large amount of photos I have posted to all social media and the blog that were absolutely meant to send you into a FOMO coma. Yes, I did that.  (more…)

Gift Guide: Let the Countdown Begin

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Baby, it’s cold outside. And dark.

Do you know that today it was dark in NYC at 4:32? Perhaps, that isn’t what google will tell you, but I saw it out the window from my very small, cube like desk… darkness. Let me be clear, that is not what I meant when I said daylight savings night was my favorite holiday. Thank God for the 8 day festival of lights, (my new favorite holiday, just kidding it is still daylight saving night when I get an extra hour to sleep) otherwise it would have been seriously dark up in here. This debaclery does nothing but make one forgetful and tired. But alas, I have not forgotten what I said I would do. Since I try to be a woman of my word, and since I said “as often as I can I will suggest some items that have double the give back value.

We can do that now…  (more…)

Lucky to Walk on these Feet

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Lucky to have a long weekend over the Columbus day holiday, I decided to take this time to actually embrace Fall. Planned an apple picking trip, which I didn’t do. But hey, I tried. With that, I finally went back to my once a week yoga class. We all know my summer-lovin-ass didn’t go but like twice over the past couple months. Because why would I do that when I could go to swim in the ocean? Point aside, I am back at it.  (more…)

Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover?

For Alienor (Alien),
Because we’ve turned her into one of us…
So what now?!?!?!


The Truth is Hard as Nails

For Claire,

Because she is a witness to the strength…
So this is the truth behind the strength at hand!


Big Beauty at Marc by Marc Jacobs

For a good time,
Because we love to go big…
So go big or go home!


Backstage Beauty at Catherine Malandrino

For Amiram,

Because New York Fashion Week isn’t easy…
So admire the hard work behind the scenes!
In the vein of Valentine’s Day this week’s post is for Amiram. It is also fashion week. No traditional Valentine’s post like “most kissable red lips” this week. Sorry. Instead I took an adventure Sunday morning in the aftermath of Nemo to learn the backstage secrets at the Catherine Malandrino show with the Design Director of the label famous for bringing the style of Paris and energy of New York to the stage.

Backstage was, as one would expect, super crazy! It seemed like 3000 things were going on at once… when I arrived hair and make-up was already underway.
Neatly hung in front of an enormous area to complete over 35 model’s looks was a beauty board with the inspiration, model’s photograph, and names.

The over all look for the models was very minimalist, allowing the clothes to take the spotlight.
Didier Malige for Rene Furterer formed hair that was flat, stick straight, and flowy. The look incorporated a strong middle part with long hair neatly kept behind the shoulders.

James Kaliardos and the MAC pro team created a look that was barely there using a variety of beige tones.
The cheek bones were illuminated with a high shine created with what seemed like a mini facial. The make-up artists put Tata Harper revitalizing oil on the girls faces to enhance the shine for a luminous finish.

Michelle Class at CWM for Morgan Taylor polished the model’s nails with a very beige minimalist shade. I was told Rita Ora’s manicurist created the color and it will be released with the new line this Summer.

Rene Furterer Paris products were used on Hair, Mac Cosmetics on the Face, and Morgan Taylor on the nails.

The design team was relaxed and confident in the collection. Nothing ever seemed to be unorganized or out of control back stage. Amiram was cool, calm, and collected while getting the girls ready for the installation.

(I know, I think he is sexy too!!)
Then it was SHOW TIME! Hit it!!!

Inspired by French Art Deco elegant line of Ruhlmann, Catherine Malandrino presented clean and graphic shapes for Fall 2013. Elongated Silhouettes were illustrated by funnel neck collard coats to mid calf pencil skirts and glove sleeves in a marriage of leather, cashmere, knit, rubberized wool, and double silk satin crepe. Black velvet ribbon wrapped the body and created the illusion of movement. Proportions were ample and comfortable with dropped shoulders, generous cape jackets and hooded trench coats, while dresses were lean and followed the body’s curve. The combination of black velvet with nude tulle, tones of absinthe, burgundy, and midnight blue induced a warm color combination. A soft, yet graphic celebration of geometric shapes and craftsmanship were manifested throughout the collection.

The “installation” was amazing!

If you’re interested in what I wore to the show, New York Daily News captured a great shot of me in my hopscotch Malandrino trousers.

Next up – Marc by Marc Jacobs & the Marc Jacobs After Party!

***beauty always comes from within, photos are 100% mine this week bitches .  xoxo, behind the mirror***


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