A Resolution of Sorts

A Resolution 1 (more…)

What is Body Oil really for anyway?

What is Body Oil Really for anyway? Behind the Mirror, Burts Bees Body Oil, Neutragena Body Oil,

At some point, when I was attempting to be French I discovered body oils. I instantly fell in love. Body Oil is the ultimate way to moisturize your skin. I’ve always had a thing for a lotion or body cream that’s a bit greasy. It doesn’t bother me to wait a minute for the moisture to absorb into my skin. I just imagine all the benefits I will enjoy at age 65, when I look just like Jessica Lange. Greasy is good.
I would rather be “oily” than “dry” on almost every part of my body. Don’t believe me? Once, I showed up to a party (in the winter, no less) so oily that, not only could you tell in the photos, but people didn’t want to rub up against me… not sexually or any other way – which led to walking a great distance out of the way to ensure other guests didn’t get too close to me. But, do I have a collective of exceptionally patient friends willing to let me make bad decisions? I believe I do!


Tuesday Tip: Rough Elbows?

Girl standing at the edge of the ocean watching the waves, bio oil beauty tip, behind the mirror, tuesday tips (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Cold Shower

Tuesday Tips, Cold Shower, pebbles on bathroom floor with drain and some soap and wash cloth, behind the mirror, (more…)

How to Exfoliate Your Face

Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

I am in a serious battle with the skin on my face. (more…)

A Day in the Sun(screen)

A day in the Sunscreen, Behind the Mirror, Amanda Teague, Sunscreen tips, girl with white hair laying in the grass with some flowers and relaxing in a black and white elizabeth and James tunic and ripped black current elliott jeans with birkenstocks

With Memorial Day behind us and nothing but summer days in the forecast, I am looking forward to spending some time outside with good old Mother Nature. (more…)

Some Serious Body Scrubs

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, Ahava Sea Salt Scrub, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Fat Girl Scrub, Some Serious Body Scrubs, Behind the Mirror

I take body scrubs very seriously. Anyone who has ever had a need to shower at my apartment tells me two things after they get finished. (more…)

Getting Legs ready for Summer

warm weather ready legs, behind the mirror, tricks for tan legs, summer legs

Last weekend my legs and I ventured out into the sun for the first time this year. (more…)

Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Bumpy Bikini Zone

Behind the Mirror, Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Bumpy Bikini Zone, Bliss Spa, Bliss Sugar Scrub, Bliss ingrown hair pairs, ingrown hair solutions,

Today’s topic is a bit personal. Not personal for me because I couldn’t care less about invasions of privacy, especially since this invasion is instigated by myself… Tips and tricks for the war against a bumpy bikini zone.  (more…)

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