Tuesday Tip: Rough Elbows?

Girl standing at the edge of the ocean watching the waves, bio oil beauty tip, behind the mirror, tuesday tips (more…)

Tuesday Tip: Cold Shower

Tuesday Tips, Cold Shower, pebbles on bathroom floor with drain and some soap and wash cloth, behind the mirror, (more…)

How to Exfoliate Your Face

Fresh Soy Face Exfoliate, Behind the Mirror, How to exfoliate your face

I am in a serious battle with the skin on my face. (more…)

Spring Magic Eyes

Summer Magic Eyes, Behind the Mirror, Philosophy Eye Hope, Garnier Anti-puff roller, Clinique anti-gravity eye cream, purple backgroundThe title of this post might be a little misleading. So, let me be upfront.
This is not a post about the latest spring eye trends when it comes to make-up. This post does not include any secret tricks to recreating pop color eye shadows or glitter in unsuspecting ways, as the spring shows would suggest. I am guessing this is my age, but the only thing I know about Glitter comes in the form of a Mariah Carey movie.  However, in what has become a series of magical concoctions that I hermione my ass together quite often, this post creates spring magic eyes. (more…)

DIY: Soothing Magic Bath

DIY Soothing Magic Bath, Behind the Mirror, Oatmeal Bath,  Milk Bath, Bath for Dry Skin

I live for the weekends. Seriously. It makes me sad because I spend 5 of the 7 days in a week hoping for them to quickly pass so I can get to the fun part of my week. The weekend. You may be wondering why I wish for the majority of my week to pass so quickly. (more…)

A Rose Mask Valentine

Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, A Rose Mask Valentine, Fresh Rose Mask

Valentine’s day isn’t really my thing.


Winter Body Ready pt. 2

Amanda Teague, Behind the Mirror, Winter Body Ready

When I was in high school I wore Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon body lotion every single day, without fail. (You could totally tell from my pic, right? Like, I just look like that type of girl, I know… there is nothing else I can do.) I also wore a Jansport backpack with a Phish patch, sewn on by yours truly, which I paired with Birkenstocks that I still own and now wear with my Marc Jacobs skirts, thanks Phoebe. Do with that what you will, clearly the amount of free time I have in my thirties is relatively the same as when I was in my teens. (more…)

This is Not About Shaving

not a post about shaving, behind the mirror, amanda teague, legs with boots, legs with shaving, legs with conditioner

Some time ago, in a long forgotten land, also known as my apartment, I put up a post on how to shave. Frankly, no one cared, no one commented, and it had about zero page views. (more…)

Acceptance vs. Denial: Fall Favorites

Fall Beauty Favorites

For Noa,

Because she doesn’t have to live in denial…
So I am trying to live in acceptance!!!

Denial. Denial is a wonderful condition in which to live… not always, but sometimes. Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer. However, given the industry that I work in, directly after Labor Day weekend I am thrust (and not a good type of thrust) into New York Fashion Week. By the time all of this slows down and I have a second to accept that Summer is in fact over, reality hits me first. Hits me right up against the face when I look in the mirror. Everything I worked on over the last four months is fading fast. The color of my skin, the clear complexion, my natural highlights, my summer glow (if you will) is slowly but surely going to shit. Every morning. Right in front of my very own eyes. I wish I could live in denial.



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