What Would Kate Moss Do?

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller Vogue UK
For your Knowledge,
Because someone’s ears are burning…
So listen and learn!


The Truth is Hard as Nails

For Claire,

Because she is a witness to the strength…
So this is the truth behind the strength at hand!


Forgotten Memories & Old Favorites

For Amiram,
Because he  knows me so well…
So Thank You for our weekend away!


A Razor Thief in the Night

For the Future,

Because everyone has a lesson to learn…
So this is what I have learned!
It’s Monday and that sucks. Let me tell you a story to make it better. Several years ago after a bad breakup I found myself sharing a bed with my friend Claire and sharing an apartment with my friends Megan and Claire. While most nights were filled with way too much wine to drown my sorrows, the mornings were filled with me doing my best to at least shower. As I stayed there for almost six months and much exceeded my welcome, I took a very valuable piece of knowledge with me from what should have been dark times but were actually pretty fun in retrospect.

Fake It Till You Make It

For the beautiful ladies missing an eyebrow or two,
Because eyebrows are important…
So beautiful brows can be yours too!
As told to Behind the Mirror by ClaireOverThere.
Eyebrows convey emotion…suspicion, excitement, fear…. We need them.
If you are like me, your eyebrows have always been non-existent. I have (what I like to call)
“eyebrow squares”, which means that I have two little squares that look like tiny “Hitler-style” mustaches where a full eyebrow should begin. It is unacceptable. Now you may think this was a plucking festival gone wrong, but I assure you, they have been this way my entire life. So, at an early age I began experimenting with different ways of drawing eyebrows on my face. I’ve tried everything from liners to colored wax. It has been a learning process to say the least. After all these years I am pretty damn good at it. Often people are surprised to learn that I don’t have eyebrows. **If you are questioning whether or not people are just “being nice”, please know that I live in NYC and we don’t do that here.** Okay, so here’s my mini-tutorial on creating the most beautiful fake brows a girl could ask for.
There are so many details to remember when drawing on an eyebrow. To start, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:
1.) What is your best/most natural shape?
I found looking at magazines helpful. Once you start to notice people’s brow shapes you will never stop. Look at celebrities you think are beautiful. Trace outlines of their face. What shape is it? Is it similar to your face shape? Try to find someone whose brows you like and also has a similar facial structure to your own. Use this picture as a visual guide.
2.) Do I live in an area with high heat and humidity?
3.) What color is most appropriate for you?
4.) Which side of the face is higher than the other?
Very few people have a perfectly symmetrical face and you want to make sure one eyebrow isn’t higher than the other. People will think you are giving them the stink-eye and that’s no way to make friends.
Now that you’ve established the basics, which product or products should you buy?
These are my favorites:
Smashbox Eyebrow Tech.
Why this product is awesome…
1.) The angled shape of the pencil helps to draw a more natural shape.
2.) It has a creamy consistency when applying and dries to a matte finish.
3.) It goes on light, which allows you to establish the shape before fully committing. 
(Add more when you like what you see.)
4.) Because it goes on lightly, I can wear these brows without any other makeup, which is not usually the case. Until this product came into my life, it was all or nothing. Sometimes you just want to go to the store without spending 25 minutes on your entire makeup routine, but you also don’t want to scare the small children with your eyebrow squares.
5.) It comes in two shades “Brunette” and “Taupe”.
6.) Again, the shape of the pencil makes all the difference.
I like to use this product by itself for the day time and casual wear. When I am going for an evening look or I know I will be photographed I add this next product to add longevity and a bit more punch, but don’t get carried away!
Wet & Wild Ultimate Brow Kit.
Why this product is awesome…
1.) It comes with a setting wax to keep what few eyebrow hairs you might have in place.
2.) It has a medium shade and a darker contour shade. This is perfect for creating the most natural color. Also, when used lightly the darker shade can pick up on any tiny blonde hairs, which creates the illusion of actual brow hair. The majority of my brow area is made up of these tiny blonde hairs, so this product is perfect.
3.) It comes with a perfectly shaped, stiff-bristle brush and tiny tweezers. (If you don’t have brows, throw away the tweezers…out with temptation!)
4.) It only cost four dollars!
Things to remember and a few extra tips:
- The natural look is always better. When in question, less is more.
- When first learning to apply, start by applying a little at a time (the first half—bridge to arch). Step back from the mirror and ensure they are even. Finish each brow, and again, step back from the mirror. Looking at your brows from a distance will help to avoid having a constant look of suspicion.
- During the more humid seasons, I like to very lightly go over the brows with a brow pencil, as well as the above mentioned products. Its waxy consistency helps to resist the heat. Just be careful to avoid drawing distinct lines…short and light strokes are the key. If you have a heavy hand, try holding the pencil at the far end.
- After finishing your eyebrows, clean up around the edges with some powder to prevent smudging.
- Choose a color that is closer to your hair color. When drawing eyebrows, it is more obvious that they are drawn-on when the hair color is dramatically different.
You must PRACTICE! Don’t think you are going to get this right on the first or even second try. It’s not just going to happen miraculously. It takes dedication. Don’t worry or be discouraged. You will get the hang of it, and you will be so glad you did!
**Special note: If you are creating inverted parenthesis on your face, you are doing it wrong. Your eyebrows should not EVER resemble a type of punctuation.**
Keep working on those Brows!
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here , there, and  everywhere, xoxo, behind the mirror***
**Amanda + Claire back in the day, yo**

Who Stands Behind the Mirror?

Amanda Teague

For You,

Because it has been asked,
So this is who stands behind the mirror!!!

Behind the Mirror is a beauty blog for women (and sometimes men.) Women by nature are nurturers. We spend a whole lot of time taking care of others and putting other people first. The idea of Behind the Mirror is to look behind the mirror in the medicine cabinet, grab a bottle of lotion and spend 15 minutes to do something for you. I try to put up a lot of home remedies as beauty treatments because not everyone can go to the spa or buy the latest products out there. I strongly believe to take care of all the things we, as women, need to take care of; we have to take care of ourselves!

Amanda Teague
 All that sounds perfectly great, right? But you asked who I am… so let’s get to the point.


The Home Stretch

For Leslie,
Because we’re past the last corner…
So it’s straight to the finish line from here!


Reasons to Love New York

For Julie & Lynsey,

Because they are legally married…
So it is time to celebrate!!!!


Something Bigger Than…

For the sake of wrapping up the season,
Because the show is over…
So it is time to move on!



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