Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

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Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

I walked to the salon with an extra bounce in my step, excited by the possibility of something fresh and new. It was a sunny day with a high of 48 degrees. And since apparently 48 is the new 70 I walked out with a T-shirt and wool coat on… sunglasses, and feeling good.

I plopped down in Katja’s chair and showed her the first of two photos for Amanda Hair Reinvention. After taking a look at the first photo, Katja quickly explained my hair isn’t going to do that due to the massive volume of strains on my head. “Fine,” I said with a long drawn out sigh of disappointment. She reassured me we could do something similar and definitely capture the feeling, but we couldn’t do that. Katja knows me and how I like to pretend I just wake up like this everyday… no blow drying, no fuss. She also understands that I will not recreate some masterpiece each morning. So, she keeps things realistic. I appreciate that.

Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

Next, she explained to me she didn’t think it was a good idea to dye my hair on this day. For starters, what I wanted done wasn’t a simple one step dye job. She went on to explain that what I was requesting, in the hair world, is a “double process.”

First (process one:) they would need to strip the hair of all color, next (process two:) they would need to “tone” the hair to my desired “silver white” shade.

It was Saturday afternoon, the salon was packed, and she wanted to be able to dedicate the time needed to getting the color just right. She asked me to come back one day the coming week, in the evening, when it was quiet, so her and I could really sit down and work together to get the color perfect. (She also mentioned that I was having about 5 inches of hair cut off and if I came back after the cut I would be charged to dye above the shoulder hair vs. long hair… obviously I came back.) So again, I appreciate that.

Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

I was a bit disheartened at first. Finally, I accepted my hair reinvention was going to take time. I loved the cut, I left the salon, but I couldn’t wait to get back there to get the color done.

I schlepped back into the salon around 5:45pm on Wednesday night. I was ready for the long haul. Katja had blocked out 4 hours from her schedule for me so I knew to get my things in order before arrival. She worked with an assistant and basically for the next long while she painted paper thin pieces of my hair with bleach.

She was careful to not paint the roots, since the heat from my head makes the bleach process faster. Once my head was completely covered, I was protected with saran wrap and left for the bleach to do it’s thing. After an uncertain amount of time, it was assessed that my hair was the right shade of blonde to move forward.

Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

You see, this part was tricky. I wanted the end result to be somewhat silver. I would be happy with a slight shade of grey or even white. What I would not be happy with is yellow. I despise bleach blonde yellow. I don’t want a natural look to my hair, ahem… I just asked for silver. We rinsed the bleach and I finally thought we were getting on with it, only to learn we weren’t there yet. I sat back in the chair, Katja and her assistant continued to paint paper thin pieces of my hair with bleach. Saran wrap was thrown on top and I continued to play flappy bird on my phone a while longer.

Again, back at the sink, we rinsed my hair and Katja was happy with the results. Now, it was time to tone. A very pretty silverish, blue mess was painted all over the top of my head. I actually quite liked the color of the toner, and I remember thinking if my hair came out just that color it would be okay.  Amanda Teague, My Hair Reinvention, Behind the Mirror, Platinum Hair

Alas, it didn’t. We moved quickly to the sink… rinsed and then blew it out. I could see the perfect shade of silver white emerge as my hair started to dry. It was exactly what I asked for. I was so happy. I left the salon with some new products to help with my new hair. Besides the wow factor that comes along with dying your hair silver white, everything is going great. As much as I don’t love telling people, “no, this isn’t the first time I have dyed my hair…” the color was completely worth it!

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amiram Assouline, xoxo behind the mirror***
Shoes – Stella McCartney, (same shape here) Top- Catherine Malandrino, (similar here) Pants – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Hair by Katja Marsman at Parlor Salon in the East Village of New York.
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