Press on Nails 1

You learn a lot about yourself wearing press on nails. You learn how often you use your nails rather than your fingers. You learn this because every time you hit, snag, or pull with a press on nail you run the risk of it popping off. Or, at least that is the fear that resides inside of me, although it has never happened. You quickly learn how much lotion you use, or a hair mask, or night cream, or any other balms that come in a tub. Because, the cream will be under your fingernails. This does gross me out, but easily fixed by trimming one nail down a bit more than the others. I go with my pinky finger and scoop all the age stopping lotions I need with grace.

Press on nails don’t last very long. This is good. Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood for the same nails for over a week. But… a week is a long time in the life of a press on nail. Anyone who drinks over 64 oz of water a day because they made a new year resolution to drink more water goes to the bathroom often, presumably washing their hands each time. In this case, there is no way press on nails are going to last longer than a week. But it’s all-good. That isn’t what they are meant for.

Press on Nails 2

Press on nails provide a lot of ways to experience nails that you might not be able to grow or maintain. My nails hardly make it past the tip on my fingers before turning into the flimsy, chipped, lifeless nails they truly are. But, with press on nails I can have long round nails, short square nails, colorful nail art, and the best part is there is no waiting for them to dry.

Growing up in the 80’s I had this weird idea of the working women typing on a keyboard wearing red press on nails.  They signified her independence from the need of outside support because she could take care of herself. In my head she was confident, smart, sexy, and managed to do it all. (BTW, she doesn’t exist) Not only all of that, but she had leisure time to take care of her nails. I liked it, I wanted it, and as a result – I love some press on nails.

Press on Nails 3

Press on nails are easy, but they aren’t perfect. You literally just take the piece of plastic off the adhesive and stick it to your nail. Few things in life are that straightforward and simple. My favorite ones, imPress Design Nails, come from the drug store. After pressing them down on and off for around an hour to secure they don’t slip, I like to trim and shape mine. They come out of the box Lana Del Rey long. If you look close it’s pretty obvious these nails aren’t real. The woman who wears press on nails wouldn’t “walk” her fingers down the mani cam. Not because her manicure is imperfect, but because the mani cam is ridicules and should be taken off the air for it’s stupidity. And… let’s take it a step further and make this a women’s issue because if I were a gambling woman, I would place money that E! has asked way less men (if any) to walk there fingers down the mani cam. Nor, is there some stupid belittling camera to have men walk their cuff links down the red carpet. I was excited to recently see women refusing to do this for entertainment.

Perhaps, these strong women were wearing press on nails.

***beauty always comes from within, photos by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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