No Deodorant No Problem

deodorant heat test
For a Good Time Call,
Because last week we were sitting pretty…
So bring the heat!

Basically, I can’t stand to have deodorant on my clothes! Listen, you know I don’t want to obstruct the blog with negativity… but this can’t go on any longer. So let me restate my previous statement. I hate deodorant on my clothes! So much so that if a shirt has a high arm hole sleeve I will omit the act of applying deodorant entirely…
But then you know what happens? I spend the rest of the day paranoid that I smell like that 7th grade boy who doesn’t realize his body has gone through the change…

So you know what I did? I marched right into the office and demanded to know which deodorant every person was wearing and if it rubs off on their clothes…
What I learned next was shocking, and raised a valuable question.
Is deodorant really necessary every day or is it a grand marketing scheme?
secret deodorant
4 girls, 4 days, and some serious questions about the deodorant lifestyles we all live… 
(as with all things, the survey answers oddly include what everyone wore each day without request… or not that oddly given the participants.)
Girl 1 – Becky – Kiehls Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant
Rebecca Jinich
Day 1: “Denim dress – no streaks!  It was 100% humidity, I had a bridal shower outside and it did it’s job.  I was fresh, dry, and not smelly.”
Day 2: “White cotton dress – no streaks! I wore it all day and through an intense spin class and after a full day of work.  I don’t know if I was fresh considering I was sweating intensely but I didn’t smell.”
Day 3: “Mint color silk dress – no streaks! [It was] perfect, dry, and fresh.”
Day 4: For my stacked class at 6am – I decided not to wear deodorant and I realized if it’s going to be an intense class, which I will be sweating in, I need to wear something. I didn’t smell but I wasn’t fresh. [After the class I wore a] cotton dress.
Thoughts: “I like the product, it’s more of a cream base, it goes on smoothly so you don’t get any of those clumps…gross.  I also like that there is no scent, sometimes if there is too much scent I get a headache [or it] reminds me of a man who is wearing too much deodorant.  It’s good for people with sensitive skin, like moi! The only thing that I don’t like is the price $16 a tube.”
Girl 2 – Marcie – No Deodorant
Marcie Cheung
Day 1: “Theory Shirt Dress, very hot day, and after the conversation we had I felt very paranoid about smelling and intended to wear deodorant, but forgot.”
Day 2:Silk skirt and black shirt, it was very hot that day as it is summer, not feeling self conscience went without deodorant with no problem.”
Day 3:Mix material Helmut Lang dress, very hot and I was concerned because the dress was too heavy and there was sweat. However, still no deodorant and it was fine.”
Day 4: “Black Crepe dress with leather, been working out in the office, and I do feel like I could have used some deodorant, but it is what it is so I am pushing on…”
Thoughts: “Not worried… no deodorant.”
Girl 3 – Kerry – Dove Sensitive Skin Shower Fresh Deodorant
Kerry McCarthy
Day 1: “I did not shower so deodorant was very important. Did not smell. Wore a silk top carefully applied the deodorant before and no white marks got on the long sleeve top.”
Day 2: “I did shower, but this time I put the deodorant on after my sleeveless chiffon dress… although it was very hot I did not feel like I needed to reapply.”
Day 3: “I forgot to wear deodorant on this day… I wasn’t that hot even though it was burning hot outside; I was cold in the office… I had a party after work but never put deodorant on and never needed to.”
Day 4: “Didn’t shower, walked to work in the heat, applied after I put on a black tee shirt [as a dress] felt fine.”
Thoughts: “On a side note, I feel like my hair has been looking great lately thanks to an Aveda product.”
Girl 4 – Amanda – Secret Outlast Antiperspirant & Deodorant Clear Gel, Protecting Powder
Amanda TeagueDay 1: “I wore a mint green silk top. I applied deodorant very carefully after dressing. The clear gel does not dry very quickly so I sat with my arms up to ensure it did not get on my clothes. But, once dried… I was fresh and smelled nice all day, even at an after work party.”
Day 2: “I wore a button down denim top and tried to apply my deodorant after dressing. However, because I am lazy I didn’t unbutton the shirt far enough and I got the clear gel on the inside of the chest of the shirt. It 100% left a streak!”
Day 3: “I overslept and was late for my yoga class. I didn’t shower, nor did I put on deodorant. I smelled bad and sweated a lot. It was pretty gross. I came home, showered, and applied deodorant. Although, I do not think the deodorant was necessary after the shower because I just watched gossip girl on the couch.”
Day 4: “I did not wear deodorant this day. I wanted to see if I needed it. I wore an incredibly cute jersey tank with Lil Bub on it. It was very hot and as I was shopping in Soho I sweated quite a bit. I don’t know that others could smell me, but I could. Not fresh.”
Thoughts: “I feel more comfortable wearing deodorant.”
Free in the Summer Wind
So again I ask, is deodorant really necessary every day? Given the fact that each of our participants either forgot or skipped deodorant without reaping any of the feared consequences, it doesn’t seem to be. Perhaps if you are planning to work-out or sweat… This only leaves me to believe there is a master marketing scheme playin our asses… or more specifically our armpits.
You decide, Is deodorant a necessity? 
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, and there, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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  • cynthia booker

    Deodorant just covers up any natural smell, which there really is not any if one showers daily. Anti-perspirant stops the sweating. My anti-perspirant was causing major allergic reactions, so I finally made myself skip a day. No problem, no itching from the allergy. Finally realized that unless a person is an outside laborer, it is not really necessary. It took a while, though, to overcome the marketing factor that makes everybody think they stink unless wearing something.

    • Behind the Mirror

      I completely agree with you Cynthia! Since writing this post I have been wearing less and less deodorant and it is fine… It has taken a while, but I am starting to feel like I only need deodorant on days when I know I am going to sweat a lot…

  • Sandra

    Personally I am a deodorant freak. Most of that probably stems out of being self conscious that I’ll smell bad if I don’t wear it. BUT after getting sick of ruining t shirts with streaks and residue, I found the LUSH powdered deodorant bottles. It’s REALLY awkward to wear at first, because it’s powder, so you sprinkle it into your hand and then pat it on, but it leaves ZERO residue. Another ehhhh factor is that the scents are very limited. But considering the price of everything else at that store, the $8 bottle is super reasonable and lasted me 2-3 months! :) I highly recommend it.

    • I totally feel you! I recently found this really great Aluminum free deodorant at the local drug store… Vichy. From what I understand the aluminum is what causes the yellowing stains on clothing… it is a little more expensive but worth giving a try…

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