Chipped Nails

I never in my life cared about chipped nail polish. To me, it was just what happened a couple days after painting your nails. No big deal.

Then, in my early 20’s, I worked for a woman that was insane about chipped nails. She hated them. Alot. Capulet and Montague style. And, unfortunately for me, she was my boss. Never did a chipped nail slip past her view without a comment on how disgusting it was. She wasn’t nice nor was she going to let anyone on her team come to work with chipped nails.

As a result, even to this day, I hardly ever let my nails chip. I keep Butter nail polish remover wipes in my desk at work. I often buy two bottles of nail polish remover when only one runs out to ensure I, myself, never run out. After 5 years of an insane person inspecting your nails each and every day, you end up going to such extremes without even noticing how insane it is.

To be honest, keeping up with my chipped nail polish isn’t that big of a deal. Taking it off requires less than 5 minutes of my concentration, and I do think it looks better than chipped nails in a professional setting.

Then I started to see chipped nails all over the place with the return of all things 90’s. I’m kind of into it. It has this ability to take an otherwise boring, plain look and turn it a bit rock n’ roll. Because, if you don’t care enough to take off your nail polish apparently in my mind this also means you are one bad ass who doesn’t give a fuck. It also has this carefree french thing about it. I notice chipped nails every time I’m in Paris, but never put it together until Garance Doré mentioned it on her blog. This idea was again reenforced at drinks with my girl friend Courtney. Almost immediately, she asked me what was going on with my nail polish. To which I explained the post and told her I was trying it out. Courtney then confirmed my suspicions. She told me when she first noticed them she thought, “God, Amanda is so cool… she doesn’t even care about her nails because she’s too busy.”

Mission Accomplished!
So far, that is the only time I felt cool. I spent most of last week sitting on my hands during meetings at the office, and never pointing with my finger nails, rather using a pencil or something. I am not sure my ‘badass, I don’t care’ vibe is being understood from my lack of nail care.

What do you think?
Chipped Nails = Badass Trend? or Lazy Nail Care?


***beauty always comes from within, photo by Claire Newhouse, xoxo behind the mirror***


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