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You see, sometimes it is hard for me to do anything for anyone besides myself… Take today for example, I got up around 12:30pm (in my defense I didn’t get home from the airport until about 2am, there was a lost iPad involved and it is a long story without much of a payoff). Then I took a bath and soaked in Fresh Rice Saki bath along with some Ahava bath salts because I felt my skin really needed to be rejuvenated from my travels for Thanksgiving. Now, please also keep in mind during these travels while at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, I went to the spa for an amazing Honey Body Scrub which I will tell you about later. So in all honestly, the idea that my skin now, 3 days later, needs more attention is highly unlikely. I then read a book because “I” needed to relax and now “I” am reading the internet while I munch on some vegetables, something I haven’t seen in days thanks to my journey down south. So yeah, I think it is safe to say that it is sometimes hard for me to do anything for anyone besides myself. Hard. But not impossible. Which is why over here at the Behind the Mirror headquarters (just kidding about the headquarters part) we are all about women helping women. From December 1st through the 25th we will be donating all proceeds from the blog to charity.

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GEMS: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services is a non-profit organization specifically designed to empower commercially sexually exploited girls and young women, ages 12-24. The organization is close to a Behind the Mirror reader who grew up near where GEMS is based. She felt passionately about the group and when I mentioned BtM would be donating December’s profits she was quick to make the suggestion.


As I have mentioned, but now is a good time to mention it again, BtM participates in an affiliate link program, and earns compensation from certain links. Therefore, the more shopping you do through the site the more we donate! As often as I can I will suggest some items that have double the give back value (if you click and buy BtM makes a donation along with the company of the product). Now everyone can do their part this holiday season.

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Item of the Day –

You + Sephora Collection Make-up Bag.

Through the Values Inside Out Program, Sephora matches individual stores with local nonprofits. Each store had the opportunity to select a nonprofit they feel passionate about and help by supporting fund raising, increasing awareness, and volunteering – to help that organization fulfill its individual goals over the course of 2013.

Sehpora, You + Sephora Cosmetic Collection , Give Back, Charity, Christmas time, BeautyA limited-edition collection of shimmering essentials for lips, eyes, and nails that benefits the American Heart Association.

The You + Sephora Collection features an exclusive clutch filled with glitter eye liner, standout lip gloss, and a metallic-finish nail polish. For each bag purchased, Sephora will donate $13 to benefit the American Heart Association.

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