Behind the Mirror of… Courtney Cowart

Behind the Mirror of…

Courtney Cowart

Actress, Singer

I like musicals just as much as the next girl… which is why when the opportunity presented itself to catch up with Courtney Cowart on the stash she keeps Behind the Mirror I jumped at the chance.

Courtney made her New York theatre debut in the zany ‘Underwear: a Space Musical’ and her performance was called “delicious.” She is a monthly regular at the Duplex and is featured in the hilarious viral videos by glam!smash productions. She appeared in the musical ‘Punk’, and worked with The Beggars Group on ‘Yippe’ as crazed undercover cop, Sunny Tits. Most recently, Courtney has received critical acclaim as Jane in the comic musical romp ‘Boys will be Boys’ that the Chicago Tribune called “a major hit!”

Courtney is one of those amazing people who seems to be able to find the time everyday to get ready. Completely. Ready. After knowing her for over half a decade, I can attest to the fact that no rehearsal time is too early to warrant not getting up to spend some time for herself. 6:00am call time? No problem. Courtney is up and at’em around 4:00am.  As it’s been put before, “If she’s the woman who lovingly hand-washes and hangs up her intimates, I’m the girl who throws everything in the machine and calls it a day.”

Courtney Cowart, Boys will be Boys, Musical, Broadway Make-up

With strong ties to home, family, and friends seen through out the entire apartment by photographs of her grandmother and drawings from her nieces, Courtney represents what beauty is inside and out.

 BtM – What is the first thing you do for your beauty routine after you wake up?

CC – “I actually do nothing. I put on my ball-cap, run a mile, and then hang out in the steam room for about ten minutes.  It’s a great way to wake up and sweat out the indiscretions from the night before.”

BtM – Product or procedure you can’t imagine living without?

CC – “La Mer’s Moisturizing Soft Cream…it’s a little pricey but, honestly, my skin feels instantly hydrated and fresh.”

Courtney Cowart, Boys will be Boys, Musical, Broadway Make-up

 BtM – Next thing to purchase on your must have list?

CC – “Botox!  Just kidding.   I’ll go with the next best thing which is La Prairie’s Cellular Matte Pore Minimizer.   I am DYING to try it!”

BtM – Your idea of Celebrate Courtney night would include what?

CC – “A great bottle of red wine, some Comte cheese, and a good 90’s chick flick.”

Courtney Cowart, Boys will be Boys, Musical, Broadway Make-up

BtM – Secret DIY potions or routines you swear by?

CC – “This is going to sound strange but…I firmly believe that good olive oil is a woman’s best friend.  It keeps my legs moisturized and wards off any insect that might get a hankering for a southern belle.”

BtM – Best beauty advice you have been given?

CC – “My mother always said, ‘Courtney, next time I see you without lip gloss on, you better be six feet under.”

BtM – Any extras?

CC – “Get a mani/pedi regularly and ALWAYS put a little self tanner on those legs. It’s nature’s pantyhose.”

Always a host… so of course I left with gifts… Courtney’s southern mother should be smiling with a mint julep right now!!!

Courtney Cowart, Boys will be Boys, Musical, Broadway Make-up

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague on August 1, 2013, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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