Some kind of Hepburn

For Noa,
Because she is always up for a party, 
So here is the party we had for our hair…

Everyone knows the tired way to create a bun with a sock…
Which is annoying for a million reasons.
Let me introduce you to the life changing BUN MAKER!
Ok, so the main problem with the sock is getting the 
bobby pins situated around it. This little device made by conair
 doesn’t have that problem. It is made of a netting, which bobby pins can
 easily be pushed into! 
Our parties usually consist of Skinny Girl, Revenge, 
and Clay Masks. (I prefer Ahava Clear Mud Mask.)  But on this night, 
as recommended by T-Foles (please see the enormous bun to the left) we headed
 to Duane Reade on a mission for the bun maker.
 (We also bought the perfect pony, but don’t waste your money on that.)
Here is how you do it:
Step One: Pull hair up into a ponytail.
Step Two: Slip the styling donut over the ends.
Step Three: Slide the donut down slowly, tucking hair in around it.
(the material will hold the hair in place.) 
Step Four: When you get to the base, your done.

Presto! For $5 USD you have a perfect bun.
Ladies throw out the socks!!!
 *** beauty always comes from within, photos from here & Françoise Dorléac there.. xoxo, behind the mirror***
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