Forgotten Memories & Old Favorites

For Amiram,
Because he  knows me so well…
So Thank You for our weekend away!

In the winter of 1980 the tensions between the Soviet Union & the United States were running high. I don’t know firsthand because I wasn’t born quite yet. However, during the Winter Olympics that year the USA hockey team defeated the Soviet team in a chance of luck going on to take the gold medal in what has been coined as a “Miracle on Ice.” Pretty much anyone can see the irony of these events. Lake Placid, five hours north of the city, is where this now famous game took place and is where I spent last weekend.
The week prior to our getaway the tension between me and work/life were about as high as the tension between the USA & the USSR during the winter of 1980. So when Amiram called Friday afternoon and told me, “pack a bag, we’re going away for the weekend” I had never been happier. Because let’s face it, sometimes life gets hard.
For the most part, the town has remained the same as it was that winter in early 1980 sleepy, simple and relishing in the victory that took place so many years ago. 
Upon the arrival to our cabin directly on lake placid an aha moment took place as I walked into a beautiful bathroom stocked with L’Occitane products.
Growing up in a small town in Tennessee that was not on the forefront of the beauty industry (or any industry for that matter) L’Occitane was the only luxury brand coming from Provence that you could find at the mall.
I loved this store. I would spend hours at the mall picking out lotions, soaps and a number of other things to turn my bathroom into a spa. It seemed fitting in a town so beautiful that I could feel beautiful turning my bathroom into a spa again with the help of an old favorite with some forgotten memories. 
The L’Occitane favorites that made my weekend incredibly beautiful are as follows:

Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap
Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap
Verbena Body Lotion
Citrus Verbena Daily Use Shampoo
Verbena Shower Gel
Citrus Verbena Daily Use Conditioner
Manicure Set
Vanity Set
and a very cute shower cap!
What are your Forgotten Memories & Old Favorite beauty routines or products?!?!
***beauty always comes from within, photos from me because it is me, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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  • Behind the Mirror

    Thanks Red Nail Polish! We stayed at the Lake Placid

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    great pictures!!

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