Best Hotel Soaps to Steal

Costes, Paris, Hotel Bourg Tibourg, Hotel Soaps

Could everyone who has never taken the hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion please raise their hand?

Ok. Good. Now, because no one has their hand raised, no one will have to put it down.  Pretty certain, unanimously across the board, everyone loves some freebies. And why wouldn’t we? We work hard, always on the go, trying to take care of women things all the time.

There are few things in life I look forward to more than the soaps from a nice hotel. Because I know the second I check into my room those little bottles, so perfectly sized for travel bags and airplane carry ons, are mine. Over the years I have mentally made lists of all my favorites across the world.  Then it occurred to me, you guys might be making some tough decisions about where to stay and the deciding factor, if you are anything like me, could be what is behind that bathroom door. So without further ado, here is my best attempt to give you the knowledge in which I bestow, as it comes to the best hotels in town to steal some shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, or soap from. Let’s begin…

Cortes, Paris, Hotel Bourg Tibourg, Hotel Soaps

1.) Hotel Bourg Tibourg – Paris, France

Not only is the hotel beautiful, perfectly located, and have some of the best service in town but, the bathroom is also stocked full of Costes. Once you smell this romantic scent you won’t question my decision to place them in the top #1 spot.

2.) Hotel Sezz – Paris, France

Look, you can say what you want about Paris. The hotels may not have room for your luggage in the elevator, but the soaps in the bathroom are amazing. Hotel Sezz furnishes each room with the cutest travel size bottles of Acqua di Parma ever known to man. And that is a huge score, because that shit is expensive.

Acqua di Parma, Paris, Hotel Sezz, Hotel Soaps

3.) Lake Placid Lodge – Lake Placid, New York, USA

As we learned here, a throw back is always appreciated. Nature and some great L’Occitane products for one of the best tubs to soak in that has ever existed.

Lake Placid Lodge, New York, Hotel Soaps, L'Occitane

4.) Tabacon Thermal Resort – Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

This one is different. No traditional products here, everything uses the natural minerals from the hot springs from the volcano. It is unique and the best practice is to “experience the relaxation of enjoying… the sounds of the river, the Arenal Volcano, wildlife and, yes, even the rain.”

5.) Hutton Hotel – Nashville, TN, USA

Molton Brown. I don’t really need to say more… we spoke about it here.

Hutton Hotel, Nashville, Tn, Molten Brown

6.) InterContinental – Hong Kong, China

Most of the rooms are stocked full of Agraria products, but if perhaps you can get your boss to send you on business and swing a suite or club room then you can enjoy Ferragamo toiletries. Say What? Yep… Luxury at it’s best.

7.) The Hilton – Worldwide

Now, if you had ask me a couple years ago if I would be stealing hotel soaps from the Hilton, I would have thrown my nose so far up in the air you wouldn’t have been able to see it. But, after many a journeys I have really come to appreciate the Hilton. It is consistent, always the same, you know what to expect. I get it now. I get why people stick with one place. From Bangkok to California, I can always count on my Peter Thomas Roth products to be neatly folded into a towel on the bathroom counter.

cutest hotel soaps to steal

Help me add to the list… What are the best places to steal some hotel soaps from?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague & Amiram Assouline and the last one from here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Dahi Koch

    i also always do this. but i see it like donald, i rather take this as a gift for having stayed in the hotel. acqua di parma, it’s great XD

  • Colleen

    Haha I always do this! Great post (:

    <3 Colleen

  • Hazel

    i also love “stealing” bathroom essentials when staying in a hotel :)

  • Donald

    I don’t know why some people refer to this as stealing. If I’m paying to stay there, it is like a gift lol. It isn’t like they will reuse the soaps anyway.

    xo Donald

    • I am totally with you, and I always think that until I get to some hotel that has the shampoo like locked down in the shower on the wall, haha. Plus, I like that idea of being a thief in the night… lol. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  • Natalia

    Try Hotel Heritage in Bruges, just off the square. Beautiful place, wonderful owners and neroli-scented Hermes toiletries that smell amazing! :)

  • Ashley White

    Absolutely- it’s not like the hotel will reuse them, anyway! :) Love this!


  • Juliet M

    Oh God yes! I’ve never got so cheered up in my life for reading a lifestyle post! I mean, who doesn’t love stealing these little freebies?! Well, it’s actually not really stealing since we’re paying for them. My favorite ones are second and the last one! I must visit these hotels! ;) xx

    • you’re totally right, we do pay for those little freebies!! haha… if you are planning a trip to any of those locations for sure check out those hotels. I was really happy with the soaps!

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