5 Fashion Week Survival Tips

New York Fashion Week, Thakoon, Girl backstage at a fashion show, Greasy Hair at fashion week

Backstage Look from Thakoon

I am exhausted. In fact, I am pretty much too tired to write this…

Why? Because it is that time of year again… the time of year where basically everyone who works in fashion complains about getting to do really cool things that approximately 90% of the population would like to do. Since we have already become crazy with the, “No, I can’t come to brunch, I have to work,” or “No, I can’t meet you for drinks, I have to work,” and last but not least “No, I can’t go to sleep, I am still at the office,” Let’s prepare for the hundreds of photos that will be taken of you during fashion week and the two photos that you will actually ever see of yourself at fashion week… (does anyone know what happens to all those pictures anyways?)

I have a couple of things that get me through fashion week every time, because if we are being honest while “Fashion Week” may only be twice a year, market is at least four… I have it down to an art.

1.) Gel Manicure

For starters, cut your nails short. This will prohibit them from getting too long before you have a chance to visit the salon and get the gel taken off… In my experience a good gel manicure can last up to three weeks. I always go with a light, slightly nude color. Gel does occasionally chip, (I also pick at my nails sometimes) and the light color is less noticeable.

New York Fashion Week, Girl backstage at a fashion show, Colored Hair at fashion week

2.) Green Juice and some Almonds.

While other fashion week attendees may keep the green juice and almonds on stand by because they are too busy to eat, I actually do it for a different reason. I work at Marc Jacobs and during this week we have many guests (buyers, editors, models, planners, press, etc.) in our offices. There is always food around to keep everyone living. Usually the spread varies from some healthy snacks to some not-so-healthy snacks. With my current will power being in the negative zone, I always fill my plate with cookies, donuts, and whatever other calorie hoarding pastry I can find. If I stock up on some simple healthier options to keep from getting hungry then I don’t have to go on a fast and ruin my hair when the week (it is really more like a month) ends.

3.) Eye Mask.

As we learned here, I tend to always sleep with an eye mask. However, before and during fashion week I sleep with an iced face mask. Every morning, I wake up, pick it up off the floor where it landed in the night, and put it back in the frig. I find that the cold really relaxes me into sleep and de-puffs my eyes. It is important that when I lay my head down I actually fall asleep vs. lying there awake waiting to fall asleep like I normally do. Every bit of rest you can get is important! 

4.) My Chucks.

Between shows, cabs, after-parties, and icy sidewalks I always throw on my converse sneakers.  First, they aren’t so bulky like a boot so I can shove them in almost any one of my handbags. Next, the ball of my foot thanks me and so does the bones that I didn’t break trying to jump over a puddle. 

5.) La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

Anyone who knows me knows that I swear by a facial water mist. I love them. Thermal Spring Water is non-greasy and gets easily absorbed by your skin. Its healing properties help soften your skin and the balanced antioxidants present in it help regenerate cell function for healthy looking skin. It even provides a shielding effect to skin aging. Add that to the fact that when I get stressed I get hot and this is the perfect way to feel a little zen for a little while during an otherwise very hectic day. 

New York Fashion Week, Phillip Lim, Girl backstage at a fashion show, Greasy Hair at fashion week

Backstage Look from Phillip Lim
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Sasha Bowman

    Ha, I love these tips! The green juice (+ Chia Seeds) always give me energy when I have to go impossibly long stretches without proper rest.

    Confessions of A Fashion Stylist
    Website: http://sashabowmanshops.com/
    Blog: http://sashabowmanshops.wordpress.com/

  • thenletitbe

    I have been surviving on green juice lately, oh and also I am insanely jealous of your job. Lucky girl!

    • I know, I really am so lucky to be able to participate in the shows, it is always so exciting… although I do get a bit tired by the end :)

  • Lorna Mai Ltd

    I loved reading this. You’re so lucky, you definitely have a dream job although it does sound very hectic and tiring. That’s a great tip about the cold eye mask,

    • Thank you so much Lorna for reading along, I am lucky to get to be part of all the fun. Definitely try out a cold eye mask, if nothing else it is very soothing.

  • Donald

    Excellent tips! I love green juice; I always feel refreshed after having one.

  • Ashley White

    Great tips, doll! Love me some green smoothies, too. :)


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