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Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nailsSome of you may have noticed that I spent the holidays on the other side of the world by the large amount of photos I have posted to all social media and the blog that were absolutely meant to send you into a FOMO coma. Yes, I did that. 

One thing that I did not disclose, in all those pictures, was the fact that before my trip I got a manicure and pedicure, obviously, but I did not get any nail polish or color. Yes, you read that right, a mani/pedi without the big pay off which is usually the beautifully polished nails.

Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nails

A couple things went through my mind while making this world changing decision. For starters, during travel your nails chip. A regular manicure on vacation proves to be about as useless as the pharmacy branded nail file bought on sale. No one likes that on vacation. What about a gel-manicure, you suggest. You’re right. I was not gone longer than a gel manicure has been known to last, but recently I have been doing this nervous thing where I pick the gel off anyways so… why bother.

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Ok. But, at least some polish on your toes. Normally, I would agree with you. We all know my policy, no polish in the winter UNLESS you are going on a tropical holiday. Basically, without a doubt the shore of Thailand classifies as tropical, but alas it was really cold in New York where the mani/pedi took place. I don’t believe the plastic over quick dry when stuffing your feet into closed toe shoes while leaving the salon is worth a shit, therefore I always schlep the 4 blocks to my apartment in flip flops, no matter what the weather. I just wasn’t in the mood for that nonsense.

Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nails

However, once to my destination I found not having nail polish on so liberating. I felt, I was one of those women that went to work after world war II in the way those women wore pants. They didn’t give a shit that everyone needed to wear a skirt or dress, they wore pants. And so, I went without nail polish! I felt so confident. Every time I rode in the back of a pick up truck taxi I would look across at my fellow traveler to see painted nails and think, “oh that poor girl, she really felt it necessary to paint her nails for vacation.”

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Upon my return to the states, I wanted to keep this grandiose sense of self alive. Something about not being on vacation has completely squashed it. I am in love with red nails, and a bit disappointed about it. Even the carnage of chipped, shiny nails from new year’s eve past can’t keep me from loving red nails right now. Choosing not to be too hard on myself, as I have been known to do, I had that awkward 45 minute time slot between work and drinks with friends that doesn’t really allot enough time to go home, but clearly too early to show up at your destination, so liberating women aside, I have red nails.

Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nails

For my first ride back in the saddle, I chose to have a green tea manicure (that ended up taking longer than my 45 minute time slot and made me late to my destination.) The manicure has the healing benefits of green tea with antioxidants that promotes anti aging.

Step 1 – Soak hands in some water with a hint of green tea leaves.
Step 2 – Hand and Arm scrub which seemed to be a combination of green tea leaves and baking soda that washes away dead skin, dirt and odor as it dissolves in water.
Step 3 – Green tea body mud. This rebuilds damaged cells, draws in moisture where is needed while smoothing and relaxing your entire body.
Step 4 – Green tea massage cream intensive moisturizing treatment applied to hands and arms.
Step 5 – Massage and body oil for the hands. The oil is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and minerals to leave your skin smooth and nourished.
Step 6 – A Splash of Red. I chose Essie Forever Yummy to scratch my red nail itch.
Behind the Mirror, Paint it Red, Amanda Teague, bright red nails, nails and lips that match, red lips, red nails

What are your favorite nail colors right now? Are you guys feeling red as much as me? Let me know in the comments.

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Katerina Stavreva on Jan. 9, 2014, XOXO behind the mirror***
Red nails are Essie Forever Yummy.
Red Lips are YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Color 4 – Rouge in Danger.
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  • Juliet M

    The color is really pretty! I’m really into dark colors, but also bright popping reds, at the moment! xx

  • Rosa Pulchra

    Red nails will be always red nails, and nothing can change it <3

  • Behind the Mirror

    I did!!! You should definitely go to Thailand since you are so close. I traveled about 24 hours to get there, which was bit much to be honest. But, it was soooo beautiful. And for sure don’t feel like you need a mani/pedi for the trip. It was very liberating to go natural, haha.

  • thenletitbe

    These ADORABLE pictures have me reconsidering red!

  • Abby P

    I have been enjoying Essie’s Twin Sweater Set…it’s a nice winter red. But I like this one so much too, may need to go make another investment!

    • Behind the Mirror

      oooohhhh, twin sweater set is a good one!!! And love love love some gosling. Feel free to put those pics up whenever you want!

  • Adrianne Valentine

    That green tea manicure sounds so lovely! Red nails are just fantastic!

    • Behind the Mirror

      It was lovely, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to restore your hands from the harsh winter!

  • DinaBella

    nice.. love the color.. really pretty.


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