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I don’t talk a lot about fashion because sometimes it feels all-consuming. I work all day in fashion, I have more than a general interest in fashion, and Amiram also works in fashion. After I get home at night, and Amiram and I finish talking about our days, I don’t often feel like talking more about fashion. But, when I love something as much as I love Trouble… I talk about it.

Have you ever had a moment when you just knew you needed to step your game up? Like, you’ve looked like shit for about 3 months in a row and it’s time. It’s just time. For me, this moment came walking home from work one night, most likely in the snow. (more…)

Shopbop Sale Time

ShopbopB (more…)

New York Fashion Week Staples

NYFW4 (more…)

Gift Idea: Lanvin I Love You

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Amiram travels quite a bit for work. Most of the time, I’m so jealous he’s off seeing the world, but I try to remember traveling for work is never fun. Over the years, he has brought me back some of my favorite gifts. Upon returning from China recently, Amiram gave me the coffee table book, Lanvin I love you. And, I love this book. It is the perfect gift for that person who has everything.

The book is pictures of the Lanvin shop windows because the windows are a “portrait of a collection… zooming into the Lanvin world, into our world.” Once Alber Elbaz saw the pictures spread out he didn’t see windows anymore, he only saw women, individuals. People that he loves, people that he knows, and people that Alber would like to know. He gave each window or woman a story, a secret. He gave them names and personalities.  It is truly a tale of the Lanvin women. (more…)

Help with Blisters

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It is freezing cold in New York. However, the summer feeling and warmer weather held out for quite a while this year. When the days get shorter and open toe shoe season is long gone, but it is still warm outside a couple things happen. (more…)

NYFW2 (more…)

Dad’s Got Your Back

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Dads. My Dad is pretty awesome. As a child, I pretty much excelled at everything, or at least I thought I did, and I am also pretty sure this false sense of self can be blamed on my father. (more…)

Eliminate Mother-to-Child HIV

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On Wednesday morning, online retailer Shopbop unveiled an exclusive and moderately priced, like you might be able to get a Celine Bag for $225.00 moderately priced, collection in an effort to raise awareness and support for the elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission. (more…)

12 Fashion Girl Instagram Cliches

Behind the Mirror, Instagram, 12 Fashion Girl Instagram Cliches, Instagram

Last week when I was doing my regular blog reading I came across a very true and very funny post by Who What Wear declaring several “fashion girl instagram cliches.” I found myself being guilty of almost all of them! (more…)


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