How to Remove a Gel Manicure


According to my sources (Google) the gel manicure has a bad reputation. And… rightfully so. Things weren’t so great in the beginning. For starters, they wreaked havoc on your nails. You were advised by everyone and anyone not to get them all the time. There was also that thing where you couldn’t get the nails wet before applying the gel. So, soaking them to push the cuticles back was out of the question. In general, things were a mess. But, I held on strong. Why? Because I believed in the gel manicure and all the promises that came with it.
Lucky for me, apparently all the science that needs to be done is done because scientists looked into the gel manicure and found ways to make it better. They’ve come along way over the years.
In my experience, gel manicures usually rise after about a week. If you can keep from peeling them back, usually the gel flattens back down giving your manicure another week or two of life. At this point, however, the gel is set in pretty good. And, if you aren’t planning another trip back to salon, getting a gel manicure off can be a bitch. After about two seconds on Pinterest, one can find around 4,000 solutions. I cannot believe I used to drag myself to the salon to get the gel taken off. It does take longer than a tradition polish, but this quick easy solution means I don’t have to walk outside in the blizzard.

Gel 2b

What you need:
1.) Cotton Balls
2.) Acetone nail polish remover
3.) Strips of Foil (cutting regular foil works just fine)


What you do:
1.) Soak the cotton in the acetone
2.) Place soaked cotton on nail, then wrap with foil and set for 10 minutes
3.) Remove the foil
4.) Peel off polish, buff, and file 
***beauty always comes from within, photos by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • kimmykeeps

    great tip, just need to add on an extra tip from the beginning, you need to use a file to file on top of the nails a little bit so the color comes off a lot easier. so you don’t have to soak forever. After all nail polish remove still drying out your nails and cuticle. :)

  • Ashley White

    Great tips, babe! Gel manicures are nearly impossible to get off on your own- this is a great DIY!


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