Young at Heart

For the Babies: Blythe, Sid, & Ariel,
Because I can’t get enough of them…
So here is what else I can’t get enough of!

Oh to have a baby’s face, the perfect skin… After years of sun, smoking, and late nights filled with probably too much fun I think it is safe to say my skin looks worn. 
That is until the latest discovery Dior Skin Airflash!
I have heard about Dior Skin Airflash for a while now. 
Honestly, I didn’t want to like it.
 For starters it is $62.00 USD. Not to mention it is an “airbrush” can… which is actual just an aerosol can. We know anything aerosol doesn’t last very long.
My fear was of course it would be awesome (which it is) therefore, I will need to buy it as part of my makeup = $$$. However, on a birthday run to Sephora, Miss Ariel’s mom (lady bug to the right) convinced me to take the plunge.
I knew I was in trouble when the first week at the office, every single person who saw me commented on how great my skin looked!
So that’s it. I am hooked and happy to be. My skin has never looked so good!!
Simple to use.
I like to add a layer of Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer first, just to smooth out some of those faint lines, but it is not necessary.
Step One: Close your eyes. 
Step Two: In one quick, continuous motion, spray a layer of foundation over the face in the shape of a Z, starting with the forehead and ending on the chin. 
Step Three: Customize your coverage by choosing to apply straight from the can for a lighter finish, or with a Kabuki brush for fuller coverage. 
Mother of pearl pigments even skintone and diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and fine lines, leaving your skin glowing with optimal radiance. 
Phew… We can still enjoy late nights full of fun…
*** beauty always comes from within, photos from Dior &  here... xoxo, behind the mirror***
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