My Best Friend’s Wedding

When your best friend calls and says she’s getting married in less than a week there really isn’t much else to do but book a plane ticket and head down south. So, while most of you were picking out ridicules halloween costumes for festive parties, I was waking up at 3:30am to fly to Tennessee. (I think we know I wouldn’t have been picking out a halloween costume even had I not been waking up at 3:30am, totally not my thing. Looks fun, sort of. Still, no thanks.) As I was packing my overnight bag I couldn’t help but remember when Carrie Bradshaw pulled everything and anything out of her bag because she was spending more nights away from home than at home.

I don't wake up looking like this, Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, Over night bag

It happens a lot in New York. Your average New York twenty something is almost always ready at a moments notice to spend at least one night away from her home. Why you ask? Well, not really for the reasons you think. It doesn’t have that much to do with random hook-ups or “this night is so amazing, I never want to go home!” It has much more to do with rent being stupid and in New York you often find yourself living with people you don’t know, much less like. Which means, you welcome the opportunity for a night away. But with a night away comes great responsibility. As Carrie so delicately put it “I don’t wake up looking like this”.

I don't wake up looking like this, Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City, Over night bag

I dismantled the overnight emergency kit many years ago. It is a delicate thing. Really. It can’t hold too much because then you are just annoyed with yourself because you have to carry it. Everywhere. Needs to fit in a reasonably sized handbag so you can hang it on the hook under the bar. And in my case, the overhead compartment of the world’s smallest propeller plane… because that is what takes the three passengers from New York to Knoxville. So, what goes into an overnight bag and what should?

Make-Up Essentials

Definitely – 
Concealer. Not sleeping in your own bed = not great sleep = under eye darkness. Period. 
Bronzer. No reason to look like the walking dead.
Lip gloss.
If there is extra room – 
Eye Shadow.
Powder. Compacts are big and I use mine about once a week… you decide?
No way you’re taking that – 
Glitter Anything. That shit isn’t a necessity ever. 
Foundation. Either skip it or make your own with some face lotion and concealer. 
Blotting Papers. 

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Bathroom Essentials

Definitely – 
Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. The sun isn’t kidding, no matter where you are.
Deodorant. I consider this a must. However, as we learned here… in all honesty this could probably go in the “if there is extra room” section.
Razor. Again, maybe could move… I shave every day. There isn’t a need for that, I just like it.
Body Lotion. Keep it travel size.
Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Yes, in theory where you are staying should have toothpaste, but you can’t take chances with such an important essential.
If there is extra room – 
Hair Styling Cream.
Hair Dryer. I know some of you are going to move that to the definitely list… but I think it is a maybe because it is big and clumsy.
No way you’re taking that – 
Shaving Cream. For one night you can use some soap and water… seriously.
Anti-wrinkle Creams. Your forehead isn’t going to concave in one night.
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap. Trust me, if you are staying in a place were these essentials are not, then you need to just go back home. And yes, I considered what if you were camping. Just go home.

Some other tips I think are worth noting. Always take some clean panties, that is just simple hygiene. I try to wear a neutral bottom that I can wear two days in a row. (Which does not mean denim. I did black tights with a gauze/metal black Isabel Marant skirt) Again, shoes that can be worn for two days in a row. I did over the knee boots. Obviously, huge pain in the ass to take off for TSA, but like I care. Once the bottom half is set you can wear two dramatically different tops and no one will have any idea half the outfit is the same.

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What essentials did I miss? What are you planning to take out of my bag above or put in? Let’s talk about it!!!

***beauty always comes from within, photos are 100% mine bitches, XOXO, behind the mirror***

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