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For Claire,

Because some chapters come to an end…
So new chapters begin!!!

It’s no secret summer is coming to an end. Claire and I know all too well that sometimes things we don’t want to end do… Chapters end and new ones begin. Summer ends and Fall begins, it happens every year, but that doesn’t mean I like it.

It is also no secret that I have been going to the beach a whole lot lately… pretty much every weekend except  for one that God forgot about me and my happiness so it rained. This is the main reason I don’t want summer to end. Loads of friends can back me up on this one… My insta feed has been blown up with photos of my feet in the sand, my beach cocktails, and the waves… Obviously. Not. Really. I am much more creative than that…  however, there is some pics of a kiddie pool and a tepee. I digress.

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Another secret that isn’t a secret is I love the sea salt breeze and what it does to create my favorite just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair… The main problem is I can’t bottle it up and take it back to the city with me. OR Can I? Last weekend after some quick how-to research done on none other than pinterest (hashtag obviously) I set out surf side with spray bottle in hand…

My initial idea was to mix some water from the ocean with some Moroccan oil and call it a day. After a nice shower, while my hair was still damp I sprayed my new potion in and scrunched it up… While this seriously lazy method to recreate some beach waves definitely worked, I got concerned the salt water was just stripping my hair of its natural oils and ultimately the waves were just the off-spring of damage and neglect… this idea was quickly aborted and I moved on…

Still in the mood to create the sparks I felt from the sea salt breeze, I tried a simple DIY recipe to rebirth the just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair…

1 TBS of hair gel
1 TBS of sea salt
1 TBS of coconut oil
1 Cup of warm water
Mix it all up and spray… scrunch up a little
and you’re good to go.

It was easy and worked about as well as the original off-spring. However it ended up being more work than this “girl who throws all her delicates in the machine” could really commit to on a regular basis.

swimming in the ocean, clear water in the ocean

Finally, I decided when in doubt let the experts take over… Hence, enter bumble and bumble surf spray. I have to say I love this product… The bottle says to spray into damp or dry hair… I have been spraying it into my soaking wet hair and it is going fine.  My hair is drying big and wild and represents the just-rolled-out-of-bed-at-the-beach-french hair I so desire. After I spray I just scrunch up and go. Until next weekend, anyways.

***beauty always comes from within, photos from my summer so far by Athena Antigone and here, xoxo, behind the mirror***

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  • hazel

    aww i wish it were summer again back here :)

    • I totally understand Hazel!!! As the summer is drawing to a close I find myself more and more depressed. Going to have to do a post on how to keep that summer glow!!!

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