The Impossibility of Perfection


It is impossible to look perfect everyday.

In fact, I’m going to go as far as to say it is impossible to even look great everyday. If someone does look great everyday then that “great look” is actually just average and ordinary because that’s how they look everyday (statistically speaking of course.) Another problem with looking great or perfect everyday is when you need to get dressed up for an event. There can’t be a wow factor if that’s how they look everyday. And, it’s a bit boring.

Everyone loves to “wow.” Especially if you’ve taken extra time to get ready. You’re an over-the-top version of yourself, a little uncomfortable, but strangely more confident.

Imperfect 4

I would like to go back to my original statement and that is this: It is impossible to look perfect everyday.

Here’s why.

Exhibit 1 – Facial oils.

So this week marked the thousandth blizzard this winter and as a result most people “worked from home” a.k.a. watched netflix while refreshing their email. Fine. So, I went to the office…  anyways. I get really nervous about my face getting all red and chapped from the wind and cold. Therefore, I put on many oils to protect the skin I am in. Body & Facial Oil.

Truth #1 – Make-up does not blend nicely when you have a layer of oil on your face. Period. It just doesn’t. I have tried many different oils, and that is the end of the conversation. No one can convince me other wise. Make-up does not blend nicely when you have a layer of oil on your face. By applying the oils to my face every day I am protecting my skin from outside extremities so when I do need to look “great” I will be able to do that. But, the days leading up to this grand day, I don’t look so great because I have oil smeared on my face and as I am really driving home now… Make-up does not blend nicely with a layer of oil on your face.

imperfect 2

Is this making sense?

Listen, I hear you. My Insta feed is full of everybody looking great all the time too. I want to be the best version of myself, the Gwyneth Paltrow I always knew I had inside me… but maybe drawing the line with this expectation every single day is a good start to being the best version of myself.

Exhibit 2 – Blow Outs.

It is a 100% true fact that everyone’s hair looks better after a blow out. As someone who does not blow dry their hair, I understood this completely on Friday. I blow dried my hair for the birthday celebration I attended instead of a Valentine’s dinner, since I don’t need to show my partner in life and love on one day because I show him love every day when I am awaken in the middle of the night by the accusation I have stolen all the blankets and then I ever so gently cover him back up to sleep peacefully while I do my best to fall back a sleep.

I am still amazed at how great my hair looks days later. The reason my hair looks so great after a blow out is because it is healthy. And it is healthy because I don’t use heat styling tools often. Just today someone said to me, “I wish I had your hair, it always looks so healthy.” To which I replied, “yea, because I don’t blow dry it.”

imperfect 3

So what do you guys think? Are we in favor of ditching perfection?

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, here, and here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Sarah

    haha you really make me laugh and although I do not read beauty blogs regularly I am already staying quite a while on your one, having a lot of fun! Great!!
    xx, Sarah

  • Catwalk Cult

    this is an absolutely fab post…I think everyone in this day and age makes a point to strive for this unattainable perfection which ultimately leads to being dissatisfied and unhappy. My hair is unfortunately a royal mess when I don’t blow dry it so I do this everytime I wash it – my hair is about the only thing that looks maybe ok on a daily basis lol :) XO Kershia (

  • Juliet M

    You know we’ve always said if we were perfect it would be too boring, but I strongly believe in that. We all have imperfections, but it’s beauty, just as our best points!
    And about the post, I don’t blow dry my hair either. I will if I just got out of the shower, it’s a freezing December day and I need to go out in 5 minutes. But if it’s not the case I won’t.
    By the way, this post cheered me up! :D

    • Exactly!!! I love that this cheered you up, that makes me feel great and you are so right… if we were perfect it would be way too boring!!!

  • Ashley White

    Haha, love this.

    I use a facial oil- but only at night before bed or on “no-makeup” weekend-y type days because makeup + oil does not mix. Agreed!

    And I rarely blow dry my hair, either. I FINALLY learned to embrace my naturally beachy, sorta wavy hair, and sorted out how to style it (basically products applied to towel-dried hair, then let it air dry, maybe sleep on it for an extra bed head feel) that didn’t involve heat tools. Voila! Hair heaven.


  • Natalia

    i don’t believe in such thing as perfection – I prefer the imperfect individuals that looked groomed. :) As for the oil issue – there are some creams and oils as well as make-up that go together nicely. Perhaps, just try something different? x

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