Fashion Week Ready #NYFW

For My Boss,
Because he’s always up for new challenges…
So we should be too!

Yesterday Marc Jacobs was named the creative director of Diet Coke. Marc was quoted as saying  “I think glamour and sex sells just about everything.” He will be designing “whimsical, feminine” packaging for the soft-drink giant as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. As most of you know, I work in business planning for Marc Jacobs by day. By night I work in planning all things peplum, face masks, pumps, leather, hair care, and bohemian+chic. It is quite the beauty meets fashion experience.

Two times a year the face mask planning gets pushed aside while the fashion planning takes first priority!!! (Twice really, actually four… four markets but only two fashion weeks.) Starting last night at a launch party for Dolce Vita, my New York Fashion Week began. 
So before the “wait it’s 2 am, I’m still at the office” or “Oh my god, I don’t remember the last time I had a day off” starts I prepare for the sleep deprivation and 20 hour days in heels with the following routine.
1.) Gel Manicure! This is a must since only god knows the next time I will be able to get to the salon to get my nails done. I try to go with a light tone such as OPI Kyoto Pearl. A light shade will not show when the gel starts to peel as much as a darker more dramatic color would.
2.) Green Juice. For starters green juice is packed with veggies that boost your immunity. Hash tag obviously no one can get sick during fashion week. I love a mix of celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon, and ginger.
3.) Mophie. I actually survive with out this one most of the time because I have a charger at my desk. However, if your on your feet running around all day, it is a must have.
5.) Baume De La Mer!  You can not run around outside in Blizzard Nemo without it! “This intensely reparative balm is formulated with a potent concentration of Miracle Broth… It soothes on contact, softens roughness and helps rejuvenate seriously dry lips.” I know what your thinking, $50 for lip balm is crazy. It isn’t.
6.) Diorskin Airflash. We’ve been through this a couple times in Young at Heart. I love it.
7.) An anklet. It is time for comeback. I plan to sport this with my Dior heels and Marc Jacob ensembles. (It isn’t a toe ring… so relax)
According to Women’s Wear Daily,  Jacobs plans for “the creations, to be unveiled later this month, reference iconic looks and female empowerment from the Eighties, Nineties and Aughts, along with signature Jacobs motifs. He hinted they would incorporate fashion illustrations and repetitive prints, and confessed that he also tinkered with the Diet Coke logo.”
 Until then enjoy his nod to the iconic “Coca-Cola light Man”
After all the most important part of Fashion Week is to relax, have fun, and smile for the Sartorialist!
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here .  xoxo, behind the mirror***


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  • Behind the Mirror

    I also love how diverse roles are being offered for Marc, and how diet coke is thinking outside the box.

  • Vilte

    oh my! THIS is so great! Love how coke is being mixed with fashion ;D

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