Muddy the Waters

For my Marc Jacobs Girls,
Because if you ain’t dirty…
So here’s a tip on getting dirty!

Because “If you ain’t dirty you ain’t here to party…” It amazes me how many times I can find a way to incorporate that line into my posts!
Alas, today at the office the Marc Jacobs girls received mud from the Dead Sea. Very appreciative of their gifts each one asked me… So how do I use it?
So here’s the dirt… (Serious pun intended)
Several years ago I journeyed to the Dead Sea and smeared my body with the black mud.
Needless to say, I am an expert…
Step One – Spread a thick layer of the Dead Sea mud evenly onto your face & body, avoiding the eye area. 
Step Two – Leave for 15 minutes.
Step Three – Rinse with warm water, NO SOAP!
Step Four – Moisturize with your favorite daily body lotion.  (I prefer Johnson’s baby lotion 
After my journey to the Dead Sea my girlfriends and I took a kiddie pool to the roof to bask in the sun with our mud on… rinsing in the water warmed from the sun. Honestly, it was heaven on earth.
However, it isn’t that warm in NYC yet. Therefore, just jump in the tub… No mess is too dirty for a porcelain tub and some Clorox clean-up.
Throw some mud behind the mirror and paint yourself black because every flower must grow through the dirt…
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, and the rest are mine bitches, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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