Tuesday Tip: Cold Shower

Tuesday Tips, Cold Shower, pebbles on bathroom floor with drain and some soap and wash cloth, behind the mirror,


***beauty always comes from within, photo from here, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Wynell

    mom always told me to do this :D

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  • Natalia

    I’ve tried it before, but it’s usually rather chilly here, so I may not be brave enough… :)

    • I completely relate. I am always always always cold, it was a real struggle to start doing this.

  • Coco

    You’ve gotta be brave with the almost non-existent summer we had here :-)
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    • Yes, haha, you do need to be brave. It is quite a discomfort at first.

  • gabrielle

    i always try to do this, as i hear it’s good for your hair too! easy in the summer, but definitely a struggle in the winter. :)


  • Montserrat Sobral

    Love you recommend this! Now I don´t feel like the only crazy doing this every morning! I got so used to it that a shower is not the same without a cold rinse <3

    • You are so right! I just started ending my shower with a cold rinse and it is so addictive. It makes me feel so refreshed!!

  • Beauty Follower

    And you must do the same for your hairs!


  • IslandHipster

    My Nana always told me to do this, even when washing my hair.

    • Definitely! Taking a cold rinse has lots of benefits, I just couldn’t get them all on the photo hehe :D

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