Epic is the Era

For the 90’s,
Because I don’t care, (I love it)…
So this was the 90’s bitch!
There are many ways to feel beautiful. Rumor has it exercise is one of those ways. While you are probably not going to see me post on this topic often since it isn’t part of my beauty routine, (except saturday yoga, of course) it is worth noting. There is no better way to get ready for a workout than to put on some jams to pump you up. Recently Icona Pop’s I love it is doing the trick. The song quotes I’m a 90’s bitch… these two ladies were barely 13 by the end of the 90’s, which leads me to believe the only thing they know about the 90’s is the Land Before Time (the second one!), not exactly what I would consider a 90’s bitch. I actually am a 90’s bitch. Which means I was in my prime in the 90’s. Well, not my prime, but I was discovering who I am for sure.
So what does being a 90’s bitch really mean? It means we wore plaid and smelled like teen spirit
We were looking to the sky to save us, at times we were colorblind, we had ripped tights thanks to Rayanne Graph, and worried about Donna’s virginity. Most of the time we could be crazy, Radiohead made us want to be someone else, and as with any good coming of age story the protagonist was tortured, just like I am during a workout.  Angela Chase was our spokesperson, we wanted earrings all the way up our ears, there was a new Jackson in town teaching poetic justice, we got up on the dance floor… Vogue. Daria animated our thoughts. We smoked in the bathroom (which will ruin your workout in 60 seconds flat.) Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh, Jennifer Lopez, not much more than a fly girl, got loud. Thanks to Will Smith our dreams were filled with trips to Miami. We still knew phone numbers by heart and wondered what’s with these homies dissin my girl? We had to get off the internet so our parents could use the house phone and batteries were rechargeable.
Beauty routines weren’t strong in place and we would wake up in our makeup. A great date ended epically under the bridge, longing for a better man. For most of us we were sure it was the end of the world as we knew it. 
While I can’t guide you on a workout routine I can help get you motivated like a’ old batch o’ collard greens. The playlist I just laid out above should do it!
So pick up your walkman and get your workout on because it is almost summertime and we want a perfect body!
Trust me, I know… working out sucks, but it can’t be as hard on us as Thomas J.
And if you haven’t watched my so called life… It’s better late than never to figure out if he’s a Krakow or a Catalano. Or better yet if he looks like Krakow and treats you like Catalano.
***beauty always comes from within, photos from the 90’s bitch, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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