Something Bigger Than…

For the sake of wrapping up the season,
Because the show is over…
So it is time to move on!

One more Fashion Week post for the cheap seats in the back. The cheap seats is pretty much where I was during the Marc Jacobs Collection show. Anyone who has paid attention to the shows at all knows by this point that Marc Jacobs closed New York Fashion Week with an enormous sunshine gleam. What we do not know is what this sun means or what Marc hoped we would take away from it?
As we all stood around with the same yellow glow on our skin, teeth, and clothes, the crowd speculated the sun. Was the show ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ again. I overheard thoughts of a circle of life theme. Cathy Horyn admitted she expected a rainbow. Jacobs said he took inspiration from a popular 2003 installation at the Tate Modern in London. 
I played around with a couple thoughts of my own… The girls clothes were minimal, some wore no pants, some wore no shirts, others only wore a coat. Could it be that Marc was trying to prove some things are bigger than Fashion? 
In the end, after digesting the hair and makeup, I decided it can not be denied. These girls are walking home at sunrise after one hell of a night out! As we have been saying, they represent that moment when you step out and hear “the birds.” Those birds that start to chirp as the sun rises and seem to be chirping “you really should go home now…”
Without my three main essentials last week there was a good chance I could have looked like I was doing the walk of shame… 
My go to Fashion week favorite was Chanel’s Rouge Allure Velvet (40 la sensuelle) for my lips! It is the perfect amount of bright without making you feel like a clown.
Favorite go to for my eyes was Laura Mercier black karat wet/dry colour. This smudge-resistant, lightweight eye color gently smooths onto the lid for an even application super fast. It looks great every time!
Finally, I wouldn’t have survived without my natural volume argan mascara by Josie Maran. Josie Maran has teamed up with City of Hope, a leading cancer research, treatment, and education institution to give back to cancer patients & survivors.
***beauty always comes from within, photos are all mine this week bitches!!! GIF from here .  xoxo, behind the mirror***
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