What is Body Oil really for anyway?

What is Body Oil Really for anyway? Behind the Mirror, Burts Bees Body Oil, Neutragena Body Oil,

At some point, when I was attempting to be French I discovered body oils. I instantly fell in love. Body Oil is the ultimate way to moisturize your skin. I’ve always had a thing for a lotion or body cream that’s a bit greasy. It doesn’t bother me to wait a minute for the moisture to absorb into my skin. I just imagine all the benefits I will enjoy at age 65, when I look just like Jessica Lange. Greasy is good.
I would rather be “oily” than “dry” on almost every part of my body. Don’t believe me? Once, I showed up to a party (in the winter, no less) so oily that, not only could you tell in the photos, but people didn’t want to rub up against me… not sexually or any other way – which led to walking a great distance out of the way to ensure other guests didn’t get too close to me. But, do I have a collective of exceptionally patient friends willing to let me make bad decisions? I believe I do!

What is Body Oil Really for anyway? Behind the Mirror, Burts Bees Body Oil, Neutragena Body Oil,
I was greasy because I was still figuring out how to use body oils. Trial and error tends to be how I do things and body oil was no exception. I tried mixing it with lotion. Worked ok. I tried rubbing oil on my skin after the shower and after lotion. Hence, party situation above. Finally, I have it down and my legs no longer slip off one another when I cross them.
The answer has been applying body oil while still in the shower (particularly after I shave). The hydration is trapped by the oil, but you don’t slip on the bathroom floor once you’re out.
To sum things up. Unlike Facial Oils, Body oils are best used in the shower, after exfoliating, after a nice shave, and then rinsed in luke warm water. I’ve also found that applying before showering, after using a dry brush works wonders to moisturize my skin too.

Anyone else love body oil?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Sarah

    Urgh, I’m back after weeks of internet abstinence, shame on me!! What a coincidence, that I just bought a body oil from Weleda (natural cosmetics) when being in Germany for holidays and now I read your tips here, that’s great!! Because I still didn’t open it so now I will try it out under the shower :)
    happy new year amanda, xx

    • What perfect timing!! How was the internet abstinence? Sometimes it is really refreshing to take a break.

  • Shannon Jenkins

    I’ve only used it a body oil once and broke out in a rash and I have been scared to use one ever since! But maybe if I gave it a try in the shower that would probably work! Great idea!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

    • Maybe… but if you got a rash, it’s probably best to just steer clear. I get rashes so easily too, it is a nightmare. I feel you!

  • Arielle Berze

    Oh, I never thought to use it in the shower and then rinse off (bit counter intuitive)! I’ll have to try this next time – I just thought I was supposed to slip everywhere.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

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