Tuesday Tip: Winter Skin

Towel Dry1

When you get out of the shower and grab your towel, gently pat the water off of your skin instead of rubbing your skin dry. By patting dry, your skin will be able to retain more of the moisture from lotions and oils.

***beauty always comes from within, photo taken by Amanda Teague, xoxo behind the mirror***

New York Fashion Week Staples

NYFW4 (more…)

10 Drug Store Favorites

Drug Store Beauty 3

One of my favorite pastimes is reading magazines. It always has been. Something about all the beautiful models in beautiful clothes page after page has always given me such inspiration. Magazines give me hair inspiration, makeup inspiration, fashion inspiration, and much more. I still buy the hard copies of magazines vs. reading them on the internet which I am sure seems prehistoric at this point, however there is something to turning the pages… But, not much. (more…)

Love is Love

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Lessons Learned

in a hip hop dance class


Something that may not be obvious about me is I love hip hop! Love it. I love rap. I find it to require a huge amount of talent. It’s clever and fun. I love Eminem, I really love Snoop Dogg. Then there’s Nicki Minaj, A$AP Rocky, Tupac, Iggy Azalea, Lauryn Hill, I could go on forever. I know the way some of them speak about women is wrong. Consider it a guilty pleasure. (more…)

Who am I?

Who Am I7

Such a loaded question that seems to need a new answer every year or so… I am Amanda and this is my blog. This is the small corner of the internet that I’ve carved out for my quirky take on beauty. Written, from a fashion girl’s perspective, about all the trials, tribulations, and expectations that come with a beauty routine. Especially as women; Trying to have it all: the family, the career, the energy, the balance and most importantly who we are as women.
In short, this is a journey about happiness one beauty routine at a time. (more…)

Eye on the Prize


My feelings for eyeliner are still going strong. Looking forward to testing out some new looks during Fashion Week. Luckily, the snow has me trapped inside with plenty of time to practice. Have a great weekend & stay warm!


Press On Nails

Press on Nails 1

You learn a lot about yourself wearing press on nails. You learn how often you use your nails rather than your fingers. You learn this because every time you hit, snag, or pull with a press on nail you run the risk of it popping off. Or, at least that is the fear that resides inside of me, although it has never happened. You quickly learn how much lotion you use, or a hair mask, or night cream, or any other balms that come in a tub. Because, the cream will be under your fingernails. This does gross me out, but easily fixed by trimming one nail down a bit more than the others. I go with my pinky finger and scoop all the age stopping lotions I need with grace. (more…)

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