Spring Magic Eyes

Summer Magic Eyes, Behind the Mirror, Philosophy Eye Hope, Garnier Anti-puff roller, Clinique anti-gravity eye cream, purple backgroundThe title of this post might be a little misleading. So, let me be upfront.
This is not a post about the latest spring eye trends when it comes to make-up. This post does not include any secret tricks to recreating pop color eye shadows or glitter in unsuspecting ways, as the spring shows would suggest. I am guessing this is my age, but the only thing I know about Glitter comes in the form of a Mariah Carey movie.  However, in what has become a series of magical concoctions that I hermione my ass together quite often, this post creates spring magic eyes. (more…)

DIY: Soothing Magic Bath

DIY Soothing Magic Bath, Behind the Mirror, Oatmeal Bath,  Milk Bath, Bath for Dry Skin

I live for the weekends. Seriously. It makes me sad because I spend 5 of the 7 days in a week hoping for them to quickly pass so I can get to the fun part of my week. The weekend. You may be wondering why I wish for the majority of my week to pass so quickly. (more…)

Summer Magic Skin

Summer Magic Skin 1

For Summer Wizards,

Because I let you in on the secret once…

So why not go all the way!!!

A while back you may remember that I disclosed my love of wizardry… and if not, well it is probably better that way. Read it or the short of it is I like wizards, specifically wizards who work with potions. I Hermione my ass together a variety of products as potions. Always have. Always will. Again, do with that what you will. As it was brought to my attention through various facebook posts (this gives you an idea of who some of my friends on FB are…) that Harry Potter, the wizard of all wizards, turns 33 today, I felt it only appropriate to put up a summer magic tricks volume two for what is now probably a sunburned dad of a wizard.


Summer Magic Hair

For Summer Wizards (like Marcie),
Because you’re back and don’t know this potion…
So this is a summer magic hair show!!!


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