DIY: How to Fix Discolored Nails

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It’s common knowledge that I have a love-hate relationship with nail color. While we learned a simple change for a happier you is taking care of your nails, that doesn’t really require color. Or, at least in my book it doesn’t. I’ve definitely been accused of changing my mind more than once… But, when it comes to the topic of nail color, nail art, or the lack there of I don’t feel all that passionate about any of it. Which I totally agree is a bit odd since I write a blog with beauty tips, but nonetheless there it is.

If you’ve been reading along for a bit of time, you may recall I was obsessed with natural nails last holiday season. So much so that I even did a tropical vacation with no color on my fingers or toes only to return and become obsessed with red nails.

Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague, How to Fix Discolored Nails, DIY, Baking Soda,

Since then, I have been pretty on top of the nail color situation. Let’s just leave it at this: I bought this pop pink Julep color and never looked back. That is until this week. Upon further inspection of my nails I noticed a yellow tint. Obvious next move – Pinterest.

This revealed a plethora of solutions for fixing discolored nails. The recipes didn’t vary all that much and I finally landed with one on that I felt good about. My nails weren’t too bad, and most likely didn’t call for such urgent attention. But, I believe in being proactive vs. reactive.

First stop was the nail salon. I wanted a good manicure and pedicure to remove all the color and get things shaped up. Next stop was a quick drop in to my local drug store.

Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague, How to Fix Discolored Nails, DIY, Baking Soda,

How to Fix Discolored Nails

What you need:
1 tablespoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda
A small bowl
A nail brush
What you do:
Step 1 – Mix everything in the bowl to form a paste like substance.
Step 2 – Apply the paste to your nails.
Step 3 – Let it sit on your nails for 3 – 5 minutes
Step 4 – Brush nails with the nail brush.
Step 5 – Rinse (repeat if necessary.) 

Behind the Mirror Beauty, Amanda Teague, How to Fix Discolored Nails, DIY, Baking Soda,

From here on out it is going to be a combination of no nail color or a very light shade, such as this. Until, I change my mind…

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amiram Assouline, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • Beauty Follower

    Thanks for the tip!

  • 365hangers

    So helpful! We notice that sometimes our nails will get discolored and then once we paint them a different color and that comes out, it neutralized but will have to try this as well. Thanks so much :)

    xx 365hangers

    • Great tip! I haven’t noticed that before, but that sounds great.

  • Natalia

    Or you can use a base under bright colours, it often works as protection… I like the idea of lightening them in case it’s needed, but am a little bit concerned about the hydrogen peroxide drying effect… Will be curious to know how it all goes for you. x

    • Hey Natalia! I didn’t notice anything strange with the paste drying, it stays the same texture while it sits on your nails… I just rinsed it off after a couple minutes… maybe because the hydrogen peroxide is mixed into a paste it was fine? Not sure but it worked great, and don’t worry I always use a base under any color… mainly to smooth out the ridges. ;)

  • Tanja

    Thanks a lot for sharing – I will definitely try this out because my nails are so brashly!

  • Ashley White

    Great tips! My toenails often get discolored from all the dark polish I wear. This should brighten ’em right up!


  • Montserrat Sobral

    easy&handy! thanks for sharing this.
    Has it ever happened to you that, when removing the lacquer, it doesn´t disappear completly? and you end up with pink (in case of red color) stains on your nails? (this is one of the reasons why I don´t use color more often). I wonder if this tip could also being used in this case… baking soda power!! ahaha any suggestion?
    BTW, a friend of mine uses BS when having a bath, it seems that softs her skin ;-)

    • omg, that happens to me all the time! Especially when I was going through that red obsession. I think this recipe would work for that because I had bright pink on and I noticed a little left over on my toes before I did it and it looked much whiter afterwards.

      • Montserrat Sobral


  • Sarah

    Wow, that was really useful indeed. Baking powder is such an allrounder, not only for bleaching teeth (as far as I know) but also useable as dry shampoo AND nails ;)
    btw at the moment I’m pretty obsessed with nude nail colors.
    xx, Sarah

    • I am LOVE nude too! Marc Jacobs has this amazing nude color that I have been dying to try (after my no color break of course, lol)

  • Coco

    That was a useful tip! There are so many use I’m home-made beauty recipes for baking soda! The mixture you prepared can also be used to brighten your teeth for example.
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

    • Totally… baking soda seems to be a great way to get things looking a little more white :)

  • Catwalk Cult

    Hi Amanda, this is so good! I am going to be trying this to get that perfect, clean and non stained natural nail manicure :) Thanks for providing this info – I hardly ever go actively searching pinterest but clearly this is something I need to add to my to do list ;) XX
    Kershia (

    • Thanks Kershia!! I feel like it is a good scrub even if you don’t really have stains but just want to clean things up a bit.

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