Fight Fire with Fire

For Athena,
Because she always feels my pain…
So this time around… I am in a lot of pain!

When one does sun during the winter time the body really doesn’t know what to do, leading to sunburn. As much as I tried applying and reapplying my 40+ sunblock 3000 times every day, the mixing of seasons was just too much. Since returning to New York, my face is basically trying to remove the outer most layer pretty fiercely, with no consideration of the pain this is causing me. 
You might think this is a summer time problem. However, with Global Warming on the forefront (and not being addressed in any other way by our great nation), I think it is best we start to address this problem year round.
What to do when your sunburn starts to P-E-E-L…

1. Moisturize –  My favorite after the sun lotion is Lancaster After Sun Tan Maximizer. While it is call a “tan maximizer”, my theory is some self tanner is involved. However, that is not mentioned any where on the bottle. Either way, it deepens your tan and evens any discoloration caused from peeling after applying for four to five days.
2. Chill out a little bit – One of the first things to do when you notice your skin start to peel is taking a cold shower or bath. Keeping Evian Mineral Water Spray at my desk is helping since I can’t jump in the bath every time I see a flake.
3. Drink up – According to She Knows Beauty & Style now that your skin is cooled from the outside, it’s time to start working on your skin from the inside. When skin is damaged from a sunburn we have to give our bodies the fuel it needs to start to repair and revive itself.
I have read that going on tropical vacations in the winter time can lead to depression. That you should go somewhere cold and do something fun in the cold for a winter vacation such as Skiing in Vermont. I am not into that. I am not into cold ever. In fact, if I could pop Manhattan in the middle of the Caribbean, I would! But since I can’t, I left this island to go somewhere tropical. This has led us to discussing sunburn when it is 20 degrees outside…
Last but not least.
4. A Rub Down – Do not peel the skin!!! Hash tag obviously this looks horrible. Peeling skin can become infected if you scratch or try to forcefully peel the skin. You can actually do permanent damage to your skin in the form of scars. Rub it down with some lotion.
Cheers to the Vitamin D.
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here and here, the rest are mine bitches.  xoxo, behind the mirror***
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