A Spooky Time of Year

Happy Halloween.


Giovanna Battaglia at Carine Roitfeld’s black & white ball


Some Like it Hot Oil

V05 hot oil, greasy hair, smooth hair, soft hairI really do not know who is doing the marketing for V05 hot oil, but I really think they need to give me a call. First off – with the serious throwbacks to the 90’s that are happening right now, (everywhere and anywhere) V05 have a gold mine on their hands. Not to mention that shit works. It is the same with all my friends and anyone I talk to. (more…)

My Best Friend’s Wedding

When your best friend calls and says she’s getting married in less than a week there really isn’t much else to do but book a plane ticket and head down south. (more…)

Yep, blueberries

blueberry face mask, blueberries in fashion, blueberries

One of my best girlfriends was here, at the apartment, one day for a picnic in the backyard and it was all like blueberry this and blueberry that… she was obsessed. Going on and on about the antioxidants and so on… I totally get it. And in a muffin, great, count me in… but to snack on? Like chips? No thanks. I mean, forget the fact that I didn’t even wash them right. Which Athena had a great time laughing about. Anyways, I won’t put you through what I suffered in the blueberry tutorial, but I will tell you the point of her ramblings. Blueberries do great things for your skin. That I can get into. (more…)

An Icon, The Ponytail

It is finally the moment of the ponytail. Back when models were walking the FA13 runways (and even before that) the pony made heads turn. That seems like a bit much, but it is finally cold enough outside to embrace some of the fall runway looks, so this is a good starting point.


The Good Kind of Crazy

kayne west, kim kardashian,kim kardashian blowing hair, the good kind of crazy, behind the mirror

K + K



Lucky to Walk on these Feet

beautiful leaves, fall leaves, fall beauty tips, foot mask, winter toes,

Lucky to have a long weekend over the Columbus day holiday, I decided to take this time to actually embrace Fall. Planned an apple picking trip, which I didn’t do. But hey, I tried. With that, I finally went back to my once a week yoga class. We all know my summer-lovin-ass didn’t go but like twice over the past couple months. Because why would I do that when I could go to swim in the ocean? Point aside, I am back at it.  (more…)

The Playlist

balloons in the sky, balloons for party, playlists

A while back BuzzFeed listed 23 signs you’ve lived in New York too long…  and they were so painfully true it hurt… The one that I had never really thought about is the fact that we walk around with our earbuds glued to the inside of our ears. God forbid for one walking second of new york life we don’t have music in our ears. (more…)

A Hairbrush For Forever

A Hairbrush for Forever, The Perfect Hairbrush, Best Hairbrushes

For the Last Time,

Because it has almost been a year…
So it is time to go with something new!

I am not going to lie to you, I don’t even brush my hair everyday… In fact, if a hair is out of place most of the time I just cut it off with the handy hair cutting scissors I keep on the bathroom counter. This is also why next week when I go get my haircut I am taking a picture of Freja Beha Erichsen. I have a sneaking suspicion she doesn’t brush her hair either. And if she does, it doesn’t look like it, so it is exactly the look I am going for.



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