Winter Body Ready

winter body ready, bare legs in a grey sweater, no pantsA big part of any routine is listening to your body.  For example, I’ve pretty much had the same face routine since I was 16 years old… As someone who is more than a decade past 16, this seems odd. Also, as someone who reads countless articles on the difference of your skin in your teens, twenties, and thirties it strikes me as odd that nothing else seems to work for me. 

A prime example of listening to your body would be this: A while back I was given the Avaha ‘Time to Hydrate’ Essential Day Moisturizer. I tried it out one morning. I loved it! My face felt smooth, moisturized, I felt like all the fine lines were being carried away quietly to the execution I wish upon them… Excited about the prospect of getting to put on some big girl pants and ditch the beauty routine of Selma Gomez and her posse I proceeded to use the face cream every morning for the next week.

hair braid with snow, winter sweater with braid,

Breakout from Hell is what came next. So I listened to my body. I went back to my Clearasil face wash with Aveeno positively radient lotion routine. But then I got to thinking. I did love it! Maybe I just over did it. The thing is, my face is naturally pretty oily… and the cream is also kind of oily… so while some people may need to use it everyday (as the bottle would instruct you) I do not. I started using it on the weekends and I have noticed a big difference in my skin…

This is an example of listening to you body.

An example of not listening to your body would be those women on that TLC show “oopsie woopsie I just had a baby in the toilet…” I mean, how out of touch with your body do you have to be to think that you need to go to the bathroom for a shit and walk out with a baby?

blowing snow kisses, red lips, red nail polish, snow, winter body ready

Aiming for that to never happen would be a good goal, one that could be accomplished by listening to your body. Winter is upon us. Our body’s know, and try to tell us they need more attention. As I was discussing this very topic with some girlfriends I was informed that having a different facial routine for the weekend is a total thing.

Do you guys have any special lotions or oils that you put on over the weekend vs. the weekdays OR do you have a different routine for the winter entirely?

hair in a bun in the snow, big hair bun, lovely snow, winter body ready

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here and here, XOXO behind the mirror***
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  • joanne

    i use coconut oil on my body after a showered during winter time. And for summer I use regular lotion.

    • Behind the Mirror

      I love a good coconut oil! Especially when it is cold out!

  • Talita Táiti

    I always do a full-body sugar scrub on the weekend. I’ve been using one filled with essential oils so my skin is baby smooth for the rest of the week :)


  • Mindy

    haha this post is great! loved it! Nice nice


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