Music Festival Hair

For the Hippie in all of us…
Because it is music festival time,
So rock some just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair. 

Governors Ball is rocking away in NYC this weekend… While I am super pumped to see Portugal. the Man (my current obsession,) I am also super pumped to channel my inner hippie and rock some music-festival-just-rolled-out-of-bed-french-hair. 
The epitome of music festival hair belongs to Penny Lane in Almost Famous. No, she isn’t at a music festival and Coachella didn’t exist back then… but Penny Lane and the Band-Aids followed Stillwater all over the country for the sake of good music with some kick ass hair. 


First thing first, a headband is clearly in order… and a braid. That much is obvious. Another thing that should be obvious is my hair is not washed to hear some supsamaze music… because in the name of all things hippie, clean hair doesn’t work for music festivals.
Therefore, the day before hair was washed then put in a bun for the rest of the day to ensure some serious free spirit waves.
Please note, a flower is not included in music festival hair as that would be too obvious with the free love that all music festivals seem to ignite. This is outside of NYC for god-sake, not in the middle of the desert in California. 
So as I spend the day listening to an epic line-up, which includes Haim, Portugal. The Man, Deerhunter, Beirut, Yeasayer, Grizzly Bear, The Lumineers, The XX, Cold War Kids, Bloc Party, and the Avett Brothers (just to name a few), try not to be too jealous…
As for my hair, the headband is right at my hairline in true LDR national anthem fashion. (my obsession from last summer) There is one small braid in the back; discreet is the name of this game. And I have lots of free-spirit-hippie-waves.
***beauty always comes from within, photos from here ,there,,and everywhere. xoxo, behind the mirror***
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  • Signe Savant

    Ummmm, hi, you have epic taste in music! I know what you mean about festival hair! I chopped mine into a pixie cut 2 years ago and it is just now growing out! I have a good festival hippie hair wig… may need to resort to that! : signe : the daily savant :

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