Tips & Tricks to Avoid a Bumpy Bikini Zone

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Today’s topic is a bit personal. Not personal for me because I couldn’t care less about invasions of privacy, especially since this invasion is instigated by myself… Tips and tricks for the war against a bumpy bikini zone.  (more…)

Eliminate Mother-to-Child HIV

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On Wednesday morning, online retailer Shopbop unveiled an exclusive and moderately priced, like you might be able to get a Celine Bag for $225.00 moderately priced, collection in an effort to raise awareness and support for the elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission. (more…)

Rich Kid Born Celebrity Playlist

Rich Kid Born Celebrity, Behind the Mirror, (more…)

Beauty Map: Lower Manhattan

beauty map, new york city, lower manhattan, mario badescu, bliss spa, great jones spa, parlor hair salon, ave. a nails, sephora

After the 70+ degrees we experienced a couple weekends ago in New York I was ready to paint some color on my toes. (more…)

Take My Hand & Run

, behind the mirror, take my hand and run,bohemian white lace dress, white lace dress, (more…)

The Doctor Facial Treatment

Behind the Mirror, The Doctor Facial Treatment, Mario Badescu, Facial, Best Facial in New York

I do not like going to the doctor. It is like a confessional of all my bad habits. Things start off pretty easy. “How have you been feeling?” the doctor asks innocently enough… But then the tough questions start. “Do you drink alcohol?”  Obviously, I drink alcohol… (more…)

I Fought the Law

I fought the law, behind the mirror, kate moss in a cop hat (more…)

On the Other Side of the World

On the other side of the World, Behind the Mirror, Catwalk Cult, Kershia

As told to Behind the Mirror by Catwalk Cult.

It’s such an awesome opportunity to be able to collaborate with the beautiful Amanda from “Behind the Mirror,” and I am so excited to be able to do this guest post swap with her. Just goes to show how connected the Internet (and our blogs) make us given we’re on complete opposite sides of the world. (more…)

An Attempt at Healthy

An attempt at healthy, behind the mirror, organic foods, healthy eating, chanel shopping center, chanel fall 2014

I grew up in what I would consider to be a fast food family. (more…)


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