So Fresh, So Clean

For everyone out there struggling with a little OCD,
Because you can handle it as long as it’s clean…
So clean it no matter what they say!
About this time every year spring cleaning tends to become a “thing.” This is a hard concept for me. One might say I can be compulsively clean, neat, and organized to the point that other people’s messes that have nothing to do with me stress me out. One might say that. However, it is no joke I like clean. All year. Clean. 

But, the other day (yesterday) I took a good hard look at myself and realized my make-up brushes are disgusting. Honestly, I think the last time I cleaned them was a year ago… Don’t get me wrong I rub them down after every use with a clean paper towel & some alcohol. But, I mean really clean, get down to the nitty gritty clean. Not for a year.
Then I took another good hard look at myself and realized I don’t take proper care of my make-up brushes. This alleged brush cleaning last year was actually just me putting the brushes in the dish washer and hoping for the best. (BTW, it worked pretty well with the exception of a cheap brush from Duane Reade that melted.)
Here’s another thing, I like everyone else have been inspired by the effortless chic ways of Freja Beha Erichsen, Daria Werbowy, & the likes. Hence going pretty bare bones at the moment. Not an excuse to clean my brushes once a year just something to note.

So remember back in like 2006 when you had no money and would read Teen Vogue because you convinced yourself the featured items were as cute as grown up Vogue, just less expensive and as a result met the all time best tutorialist Michelle Chan by accident (pretty sure she was rice bunny back then)? Well, I had forgotten about Michelle until she recently popped up on Into the Gloss where I learned “she has the most subscribed-to YouTube beauty channel, with almost 3.7 million followers (outnumbering the NBA, Katy Perry, and Adele, but falling just short of Justin Bieber…) and over 700 million views.”… and again I said to myself… I bet that bitch has a tutorial on how to clean make-up brushes.  Of course she did… it is pretty old but solid. So in all things throwback style you can watch Michelle’s guide to spring cleaning here.

So Fresh, So Clean Guide:
For a heavy duty cleaning like I needed leave it to the professionals – 
1. Colorescience Brush Cleaner Spray works amazing and is not expensive.
2. Spray it directly on the brush heads until the bristles are completely soaked.
3. Rub the brush head back and forth over a paper towel or tissue repeatedly until there is no more product coming off.

According to TBD for a gentle DIY clean – 
1. Pour a tablespoon of any baby shampoo into a small bowl then add warm water until it’s bubbly. One at a time, dip your used brushes into the solution, gently swirling them across the bottom of the bowl to release the product. Keep the brushes in the water as you add each new one.
2. After washing, let the brushes have a quick soak for 5-10 seconds, no more and no less.
3. One by one, hold each brush under cold water to rinse any remaining product and seal the hairs.
4. Re-mold each brush if necessary by pressing the hairs between your fingers until it’s back to its original shape.
5. Dry. You don’t want to dry your brushes in an upright position because the water settles into the glue that’s holding the bristles together at the base of each brush head and starts breaking down the glue over time, causing the hairs to come off when you swipe the brush against your face… so I lay them flat.

So Keep It Clean this Summer! (but not too clean…)


***beauty always comes from within, photos from here , there, and  everywhere, xoxo, behind the mirror***
**some of you may be wondering why I keep using quotation around “a thing.” it is a phrase that has been coined by the very clever kerry the one. therefore it is only right.**
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