Is Acne the Scariest Part of Life?

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As many of you know, I had a birthday recently. After a lot of thought I am completely torn about where I am at when it comes to a facial beauty routine.

I love my age, mainly because it is a lot easier to be “hot for your age” in your 30s than it was in my 20s. Everyone is hot in their 20s. Whether you realize it or not, you’re looking pretty good. The “hot” group starts to weed itself out a little bit as one grows older. However, I feel confident if you were to ask someone in their 40’s they would say the same thing I just said about the 20s, as 30s. Not to mention that what “hot” is changes and there are new rules to keep up with the more birthdays one has.

Basically, I want a grown up facial routine. I mean I don’t want to scare you, but truth is you aren’t a teenager anymore and neither am I, so… I need a routine that is going to secure healthy beautiful skin from here on out. This is the deal. When I was between the ages of 14 to 17 there was an acne issue. Certainly, not as bad as many of the other teenagers I went to school with, but for sure an issue. It really bothered me. I would make my mom take me to countless dermatologists to get it fixed. Nothing worked. I mean absolutely nothing. Until, I was about to turn 17 and a break-through also known as Clearasil occurred. I have used clearasil ever since because I am, over a decade later, still scared to death of acne. In retrospect this period of my life did not do good things for me mentally. I mean what type of sane person in their 30s uses the same facial foam wash as they did when they were 16 years old because they are afraid of acne? And let me tell you another thing, the adult acne signs on the subway aren’t helping.

I have consulted my dermatologist about it a number of times and her basic take on it is, if your routine works then why are you worried about changing it.

Why? Why? Because I am not a child. Because I am not a teenager. Because I want to be grown up. I want to do things right and reap the benefits when I am old. I want to be the “hot for your age” in my 60s and 70s, the desire for this title isn’t exclusive to my 30s. File that under the classification of duh for your records.

I read constantly how to take care of your skin and the pros and cons of oils, moisturizers, hydration, and so forth. So with this knowledge I am going to ween myself off the teenage dream regimen straight to be a big girl.

Fresh Facial Oils, Seaberry Oil, Grown up beauty routine

A big girl routine has been tested for a week now. Happy to report no acne has emerged. It was touch and go for a minute. I felt a pimple emerging but alas it didn’t. I was safe. Loving the results might be an over statement but I can see considerable change in the fine lines across my forehead. I guess what it really boils down to is I don’t have the same hormonal situations that I did back then. For good or bad my body is over it and so am I.

The eternal stay in the “hot for your age” routine is still a work in progress. This is how I have started the detoxing off clearasil (slowly.)

Soy Facial Cleanser.

Moisturizer + Tinted Moisturizer. Sound familiar? Yes, the same Hermione Masterpiece #3 as we discusses in summer magic skin

Beauty Products for grown ups, Grown up beauty routine

Some anti-wrinkle cream on the forehead, and some eye cream on the bags. You guys know my tried and true anti-wrinkle cream is Olay Regenerist and Philosophy Eye Hope.

Then, the grown up grand finale! Facial oils.

After applying moisturizer I have been patting Fresh Seaberry facial oil as recommended by a very cool Eva Chen via Instagram. The reason you pat the oil on after the moisturizer is because the oil traps in the moisture. According to TBD oils are important for a number of reasons. “Sometimes, especially if you fall under the “oily skin” type, your body is making more and more oil because you’re over drying it… As soon as you add oil to your skin regimen, it will calm down and produce less oil.”

And yes, acne is really scary, no?

***beauty always comes from within, photos taken by Amanda Teague, XOXO behind the mirror***

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  • Gloss and Dirt Blog

    1. Adult acne can suck it.
    2. Facial oils are bomb.

  • cultofpretty

    Great post! I will have to try the Philosophy Eye Hope – I haven’t checked that one out yet.

    PS. no judgments fearing adult acne. I am religious about a facial routine in that regard. I’ve been using Aveno Daily Moisturizer for years.

    • Thanks so much!! I am glad to know I am not the only one with adult acne fears, haha.

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