Rock Stud Hero

For Kerry, 

Because she showed me the bedazzler
So I will show her a thing or two about spots!
Rhinestones, crystals, or metal studs, you can virtually make any kind of spots you want with a bedazzler. 
As was shown to me, the bedazzler can put any type of spot we desire on our clothes.
However Kerry, when it comes to our complexion we desire the opposite.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is a treatment for reducing discoloration.

 Step One: Pump 2-3 timesin the palm of hand.
Step Two: Spread the serum all over your face before moisturizing.
Step Three: Don’t forget to use SPF15 or higher!
Use twice a day, all year round.

This Allure best of beauty winner is gentle but produces serious results, noticeably fading spots over time.
In fact, Clinique is so sure you’ll see great results starting at 4 weeks; they include an Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Tracker with your order.
Enjoy even skin tone on face, chest, and also the back of your hands !

And for those other tricky spots…
DIY Pore Strips

Step One: Gather the following Ingredients – honey, milk, microwave-safe bowl, cotton ball.
Step Two: Combine 1 tbsp. honey with 1 1/2 tbsp. milk in a microwave-safe bowl.
Step Three: Microwave the mixture for 10 seconds or until it is warm, but not hot. 
Step Four: Apply the mixture with a cotton ball on your nose, chin, cheeks, or wherever you’d like to clean.
Step Five: Wait for 15 minutes for the mixture to dry into a sturdy film.
Step Six: Peel the film off once it has completely dried. You’ll be able to see what was pulled out of your pores by looking at the strip.

But we know who the real Rock Stud Hero’s are

 *** beauty always comes from within, photos from Dior Magazine & Viviene Westwood SS13.. xoxo, behind the mirror***


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  • World Pedi Spa

    Awesome design and style. nice color too :)

  • kerbear

    If only there really was a bedazzler for the eye…But in the meantime, I thought all your followers may want to know where to get the bedazzler I gave to you: to have inspired this!Kiss kiss bang bang,Kerry

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