The Color of Life

Punk: Chaos to CoutureFor a Life Full of Color,

Because sometimes the same ole gets boring…
So splash some color on it!!

New York Fashion Week was last week. Again. While I am sure everyone is dying to know how my NYFW went, unless you are interested in the clickety clackety of my fingers hitting the keyboard “over and over, and over, and over, and over like a monkey with a miniature symbol” we should move on. Among other things, NYFW can also be blamed for my lack of posts. Really, it is time to move on.

So, as my fingers were clickety clacking at my keyboard far past an appropriate time for the day to end, I reminisced over a time much less busy. It was then that I remembered that time I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala. That was one serious case of FOMO, but after a glass of wine I was over it…

Until last week when I schelped my ass all the way uptown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the exhibit, only to learn that shit closed. I was devastated. This is the first of the “Fashion” exhibits I have missed in something like 10 years… And yes while this was sad, one thoughtful boyfriend, who saw the exhibit bought me the book. FOMO reemerged.

But you know what? If I can’t go to Punk: Chaos to Couture… Then I will create Punk: Chaos to Couture.

Believe it or not, by chance from a past life, I know a solid punk rock kid when I see one. But before we kick it totally back to the 90’s breaking out the Manic Panic, I found some short cuts to get us our desired looks!!! Trust me when I tell you… we aren’t solid punk rock kids.

Thanks so Beautylish Punk: Chaos to Couture came to me. Grab some old blush, eyeshadow, or whatever pigmented powder you have lying around in a compact and get started…

Step One: Start with either freshly washed or second-day hair. Spritz a cotton pad with water. Pigment can rub off on hands and clothing, so be ready (and wait until the color sets to change into your outfit.)
Step Two: Gather a 1 to 2 inch section of hair that you want to color, place the moistened cotton pad behind the hair, and press the compact color side down directly onto the hair.
Step Three: Sandwiching the hair between the compact and moistened pad, rub the color onto the hair. Go over it a few times to achieve the desired intensity.
Step Four: Spray the strand liberally with hairspray and let dry.

No lessons learned this time around at New York Fashion Week. But if you are still dying to hear how my NYFW went you can hop over to the the Nasy Gal blog and watch this asshole dance move by none other than yours truly…

*** beauty comes from within, photos from here and here and here, XOXO, behind the mirror***
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