Mascara On The Run

For Everyday Life,
Because we are always on the run..
So not everything should be!

No one can forget the tragedy as we discovered Stephen really wanted to be with Kristin… Then Brody really wanted to be with Kristin… Audrina started hanging out with Kristin… Slowly Kristin was at all the parties… Kristin took over the spin off and well… Girlfriend had a lot of mascara running down her face more than once. 
 I was feeling under the weather yesterday and watched some old classics. The Hills. I miss those bitches. But, tears aren’t the only time we need our mascara to stay in place. I for one have white eyelashes; at this point in my life I’ve embraced them and honestly hardly wear mascara. That isn’t to say I haven’t scoured the earth in search of the perfect water proof mascara.
What if you get caught in a monsoon?
Necessity = Waterproof mascara!
What if you decide to jump into a pool, ocean, lake, or river?
Necessity = Waterproof mascara!
What if you sleep over where your eye makeup remover is not spur of the moment?
Necessity = Waterproof mascara!
Laughing so hard you cry?
Necessity = Waterproof mascara!
I could go on and on…
As summer is fast approaching (and for many already here) let’s get our waterproof mascara purchases out of the way so we can enjoy the pool, ocean, and the sweat that goes with warm weather:
1. Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara – No, technically this is not a waterproof mascara. However, it has never run on me and I have swam in a pool while wearing it. The best part about this mascara is after you swim, cry, sweat, whatever it is still in place but, when you take your eye makeup off it comes off…
The main problem I have with waterproof mascara is yes, while I want it to stay in place when I am in the water I don’t want it to stay in place for eternity. When I wash my face I want the mascara to wash off, not be there for the next three days!
2. DiorShow Waterproof Mascara – This mascara is a God send. It makes your lashes go for miles and miles! Love it. However, if you aren’t going to need waterproof mascara a lot this is not the way to go. While I do love DiorShow it clumps up fast… If you are going to get through the whole tube over the summer it is perfect. If not this is not the right waterproof mascara for you. The tube last 3 months, max.
3. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara – Classic! The funny thing about this mascara is I used it in high school and then moved on to 3,000 others only to come back to the classic.  Goes on easy, adds a lot of volume to the length and thickness of lashes and comes in several shades.
4. Lancome DÉFINICILS Waterproof Mascara – “With one sweep of the wand, this mascara delivers it all: the same fabulous lengthening, separating and lash defining power of Définicils in a waterproof formula that’ll withstand tears and and inclement weather without smudging or smearing.”


***beauty always comes from within, photos from here  and there, xoxo, behind the mirror***
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