Where Motivation goes to Die

For Eight Tiny Reindeer’s,
Because it is the holidays…
So let’s do the best we can!


☼ Time to Shine ☼

For Old Saint Nicholas,
Because we love the gifts…
So here is the 2012 guide!


It Doesn’t Matter, I Love It

For Below the Sink,
Because good advice never goes bad…
So from my ears to yours!


Where the Wild Things Are

For Julie, 
Because she tames all the little animals,
So let’s try to tame her!


Young at Heart

For the Babies: Blythe, Sid, & Ariel,
Because I can’t get enough of them…
So here is what else I can’t get enough of!


Topsy-Turvy World

For Claire,
Because she lightens up my hair
So I will help lighten up her day!


Some kind of Hepburn

For Noa,
Because she is always up for a party, 
So here is the party we had for our hair…


Rocked the Lady Vote! #equalrights

For our President Barack Obama,
Because he won four more years
So we will congratulate him!


Into the Darkness

For Storm Sandy & her little cold sister Storm Athena

Because they thought they could shut New York down
So I am here to let them know they can’t!
Almost 2 million New Yorkers were left without power following the arrival of Sandy a week and a half ago. Most of us from sopo* were trying to find a place to plug our devices in, take a shower, or even just a payphone without 10 people in line to use it.Listen up Sandy & Athena, New Yorker’s love dark, dark coffee, dark black out mascara (I prefer Diorshow Black Out Mascara), and most are often caught dressed pretty dark.So as we say goodbye to Nicolas Ghesquiere’s for Balenciaga… Let’s say goodbye to Sandy & Athena. 
Unlike Nicolas Ghesquiere, we aren’t hoping to see you again!

But until then, victims of the storms are still in need. Get out there and 

Doing good is the best beauty secret! 

  While in the midst of the chaos, don’t forget to take 15 minutes for yourself. It is hard with all of the things that have to be done.

Go Behind the Mirror, into the medicine cabinet, grab a bottle of lotion and slather!
(I prefer Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream.)
Ain’t no Bitches going to take NYC down!
*sopo – south of power*
 *** beauty always comes from within, photos from here & there. xoxo, behind the mirror***

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