Bite Me Hard

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Colors
For Kerry,
Because decisions are tough…
So relax & customize this bitch!

Oh, Hey There! Miss Me Much? 
I know, I know,  a week and a half is way too long without a post… but shit has been going down friends. First, I had an impromptu trip to TN for several days… then the ultimate 48 hour party weekend with my girls took place. 
So please accept my sincerest apologies…

Bite Beauty Lip Lab Color Wax
I used this time off to reflect and gain some self awareness figure out some really tough questions.
It has been brought to my attention that I do not post often on make-up… This is partly because in my beauty routine and in life I believe in fixing the real problem underneath, not so much finding ways to cover it up…
I spend a lot of time researching anti-wrinkle creams, applying lotions, and wearing a sun hat to create beautiful skin…
With that being said, there is not a thing wrong with emphasizing that beautiful skin I work so hard to create with the perfect pout… and more than that, the perfect pout to match my skin tone with professionals.
Insert Amanda & Kerry go to Bite Beauty Lip Lab!
Bite Beauty Color Pencils
Ultimately, Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick can be exactly what I want it to be… so hashtag obviously it’s an anti-aging, all-natural beauty product.
Right around the corner from our office is the company’s first freestanding store. You can “pop in (no appointment required) for a makeup artist consultation to determine which hues and tones best complement your natural coloring. Then mix and experiment with pigments, finishes, and scents to create custom colors. Experts pour and mold the sticks on the spot in seven minutes flat.” 
Bite Beauty Fragrances
And that is exactly what we did. Kerry and I made a pit stop after work to find our perfect hue… While Kerry opted for a nude color that was the exact same shade as her lips… I went BOLD. The experts in white lab coats and black latex gloves tested, mixed, melted, chilled, carved, and set a pop pink/violet shade to match my summer plans perfectly.
Bite Beauty Lip Lab
While I was reflecting and gaining some self awareness figuring out some really tough questions I stumbled upon Nasty Gal’s guide to making your own lipstick. (it was a very insightful time in my life)
So if you don’t live near the Bite Beauty Lip Lab, rest assured you can recreate the action at home here with a couple easy steps… 
To quote a Nasty Gal “Try this out, and you’re guaranteed to be the brightest crayon in the box.”
Bite Beauty Lip Lab Lipstick
***beauty always comes from within, photos 100% mine this week bitches. xoxo, behind the mirror***
***photog cred – Kerry McCarthy***
***Bite Beauty Lip Lab is located at  174 Prince St @ Thompson St 646-484-6111***
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