Topsy-Turvy World

For Claire,
Because she lightens up my hair
So I will help lighten up her day!

Life can be topsy turvy… which explains why good friends are hard to come by. Good friends that you’ve had for the greater portion of your life, are even harder to come by. And since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I will go ahead and say, “I am thankful for the great friends I have.”
However, I am even more thankful that my friend Claire does hair!
I never have to go to the salon, or try to explain to someone what I want. Claire has understood my hair since she first laid eyes on it up in the hills of Hillbrook Christian Camp. (Yes, you just read that correctly, Christian Camp.)
Getting your hair cut and colored can be a very stressful experience. 
Let’s unload the stress by taking some time for you!
A while ago published 16 ways to De-stress. I love them all!
1. Hypnotize Yourself 
2. Really Forgive Someone
3. Open the Window
4. Send Yourself Flowers
5. Pucker Up
6. Take a Time Out
7. Working Out
8. Say “Om” with some Yoga
9. Get Some Sun
10. Watch a Tear Jerker
11. Treat your Allergies
12. Drop an F-bomb!
13. Get Active
14. Surround yourself with Beauty
15.  Be a Pescatarian
16. Play a video Game
Let’s Do this!  
*** beauty always comes from within, photos from Marc Jacobs SS13 & Lauren Hutton Vogue 1968.. xoxo, behind the mirror***
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