Lucky to Walk on these Feet

beautiful leaves, fall leaves, fall beauty tips, foot mask, winter toes,

Lucky to have a long weekend over the Columbus day holiday, I decided to take this time to actually embrace Fall. Planned an apple picking trip, which I didn’t do. But hey, I tried. With that, I finally went back to my once a week yoga class. We all know my summer-lovin-ass didn’t go but like twice over the past couple months. Because why would I do that when I could go to swim in the ocean? Point aside, I am back at it. 

During my Vriksasana / Tree Pose I was so distracted by the unfortunate state of my toes that I almost lost my balance… Seriously, I almost left the class to actually consider having my feet and their horrible appearance surgically removed. Not only could I probably take a leave of absense for the rest of the year from work, which is tempting, but I wouldn’t be disgraced as a beauty fanatic either. But again, as with most of my plans this weekend, I didn’t do that. The thing with Fall is our feet are bundled up in closed toe shoes, pointy closed toe shoes most of the time, and maybe with out socks. (ok a lot of the time with out socks, which is gross, I know, I do my best… moving on…)

beautiful leaves, fall leaves, fall beauty tips, foot mask, winter toes,

Something you should know – I do not like to wear nail polish on my toenails in the winter months unless I am going on a tropical vacation. The nail beds need to breathe. And I also just think that it is smart to occasionally be able to describe what your nails look like, you know for health purposes. My girlfriend, Jennifer always tells me she thinks it would be better if I didn’t wear nail polish in the summer because the contrast with tan feet is really nice… but what is the point of wearing fun colors on my toes if they are never going to see the light of day. (Bringing the hard hitting questions tonight…)

I guess what my main point after all this is Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring are all seasons in which you should take care of your feet… So for the rest of the weekend that I had made plans, didn’t do them, and embraced Fall, I gave my feet a lot of love with a great Pineapple Enzyme foot mask I read about on Beauty Bets.

beautiful leaves, fall leaves, fall beauty tips, foot mask, winter toes,
What you need:
2 t. chopped fresh mint leaves
2 t. chopped fresh rosemary
2 T. pineapple juice
3 T. plain Greek yogurt
What you do:
1. Put all the stuff above into a blender and mix until combined into a thick mixture. (I had to add some more yogurt, FYI)
2. Wash your feet.
3. Spread the mask over your feet, massage it into any dry, callused skin.
4. Wrap your feet in plastic wrap and slip on socks.
5. Put your feet up & relax for 20 minutes!.(This is time for yourself!)
6. Rinse off the mask with cool water or use a pumice stone to gently buff rough areas.
7. Rub on your favorite lotion or foot cream.
8. You’re done!

So as you can see, I didn’t get a lot accomplished over the long weekend but that is fine, I was too sore from my sad attempt at yoga to do anything anyways…

How did you spend your time celebrating Mr. Columbus?

***beauty always comes from within, pictures from here and there, XOXO behind the mirror***

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