Mom and Me and Lipstick

Mom and Me2

Life plays funny tricks on you that only become obvious as you get older. One of those funny tricks is how we turn into versions of our parents. As much as my teenage heart despises this notion it nonetheless proceeds to happen at an alarming rate.

It’s not so bad, which is why it’s a trick. All those years spent fighting and bickering because as Joan Didion explains “one of the mixed blessings of being twenty and twenty-one and even twenty-three is the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, has ever happened to anyone before.”

In high school I spent more time than I care to admit getting ready. Which seems so crazy to me now because I would only end up carrying this out for a very limited time. By the time senior year got going I had given up on spending so much time getting ready and sleep took its place. This only proves further how ridicules the whole thing was. I washed, blow dried and flat ironed my LONG hair every morning. I wore mascara, FOUNDATION, and carried a compact. I went to the bathroom to reapply my lipstick and maintain touch ups. I skipped class to have an older girl teach me how to shape my eyebrows, and spent a lot of time worrying about the crease my pony tail holder was creating towards the back of my hair. Needless to say, this was all a big waste of time.

I looked fine and my mother knew that.

She patiently waited for me to get ready even when I made us extremely late. She patiently waited during breakdown after breakdown over my clothes, my mascara, and my life. My mother didn’t spend a lot of time getting ready. She has always had great skin and a natural contoured tan from spending so much time with her horses in the sun. In the mornings during high school she effortlessly applied some lipstick on her lips and then dabbed a bit on her cheeks, smoothed it out, and was ready for the day.

Yesterday, I did just that. The best part was I looked great. No blowdryer, flat iron, mascara, foundation, or compacts. Just me and the tricks I learned from my mother.

Thanks Mom & Happy Mother’s Day!!

What Beauty Tips have you learned from your mothers?

***beauty always comes from within, photo by Amiram Assouline, xoxo behind the mirror***
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  • beautybusy

    Love the Joan Didion quotation!

  • Nilu Yuleena Thapa

    This is such a lovely dedication! Lovely post!


    Nilu Yuleena

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  • Trends Vip Blog

    There´s nothing wrong about start acting like our moms…with time we realize they´re our best friends in life! Lovely blog!

  • Falasha

    oh that was really sweet, moms always teach the best life lessons (including beauty)

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

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