Behind the Mirror of… Kerry McCarthy

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Behind the Mirror of…

Kerry McCarthy

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Kerry “dark beauty” (gaelic)

No introduction needed. The most sincere, beautifully honest behind the mirror to date. (more…)

The Untold Truth of Bangs

I don’t know about you but I can be a late night Pinterest stalker. Pinterest requires absolutely no thought. Which is one reason why I am assuming it is such a big hit. Basically, I just scroll down and down and look at beautiful pictures of beautiful people and beautiful things that then leave me feeling inspired as if I too, can create beauty.


Get It Started

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Michelle Williams for Another Magazine


Mascara on the Run, Again

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Today it is about 65 degrees outside. It’s nice. Last week it was not. Over the summer, I put a post up on different situations that come about during the summer that it would be smart to wear waterproof mascara for. I would like to go on the record by saying I have extremely long eyelashes, like bang up the side of my sunglasses and eyebrows long. However, they are white. Not a problem. But the difference between what I look like with mascara on and without is one of the most drastic differences in the world. Like you may think Christianity and Judaism are vastly different. Nope, fundamentally the same (Jesus part aside.) My eyelashes on the other hand with or without mascara, now there is something at totally opposite ends of the spectrum.  (more…)

Is Acne the Scariest Part of Life?

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As many of you know, I had a birthday recently. After a lot of thought I am completely torn about where I am at when it comes to a facial beauty routine. (more…)

Secrets, Secrets are No Fun

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Everyone has secrets. For real. Everyone. And while secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets secrets hurt someone is pretty much bull shit at this point in adulthood, some secrets keep us going… and yes, some are bad. I have this theory that I don’t really tell people, as I am afraid the moment I say it out loud it will be revealed as completely ridicules and I will no longer be able to live by this theory. The premise goes like this, every day without notice I should be able to jump into a bikini and take a swim. You know, like a free spirit… like you’re in a car with a friend driving somewhere and say, “hey that lake looks nice, let’s jump in, I have my bikini in my bag,” like someone who just lives that sort of anything could happen at a moments notice life.  (more…)


Fuck Cancer, Movember, Hot Girl with Cancer tattoo, Men's Health It’s that time of year again when the men are separated from the boys… While I can’t say honestly it is my favorite look of all time, Movember is for a good cause, super fun, and sometimes that landscaper look grows on you in unexpected ways. Right Sanchez? (more…)

Birthday Bargain

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So around this time every year I have a birthday. Pretty much no matter what. Luckily, my birthday usually coincides with my favorite holiday. Day light savings day. And not that bull shit in the spring. The fall back an hour day light saving day. Best holiday ever. Another perk with my birthday is it also happens right around the time Sephora launches their holiday gift sets. More bang for your buck, my fav holiday, and a year older. Who could dream of more? “I mean it ain’t a bentley, but I guess it’ll do.”


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