Spending the Day Off…

girl lying in bed, girl lying in bed with messed up blankets,behind the mirror, spending the day off

My whole life I have been “on the go.” I couldn’t stand to not be out and about, “spinning my wheels” as my mother would say, not really doing anything. It’s part of the reason I think I have blended so effortlessly into the New York culture. Lately, I have been completely content spending the evening at home with a glass of wine, candles burning, and Explosions in the Sky quietly in the background as I read my favorite blogs. I blame this transition on age, but I think it has been hardest on my friends. You see, as someone on the go, you surround yourself with others like you, people who like to go out and experience all the things this enormous world has to offer. Except, these days I decline offers to yoga, hardly make it brunch, and would honestly, rather read online.

bath water running pink, spending the day off, behind the mirror, two facets in the bath

This time alone provides a resurgence of energy for me as of late, and I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. Life moves at a fast pace and obligations are always fleeting. However, there are a few things that I love to do while I am home alone and I classify most of them under the file “celebrate Amanda.

1.) Take a bath.

This is something that I didn’t really get into until we moved into our current apartment. I previously chalked taking baths up to the english. I imagined only the queen had time for this because she has servants called employees in the modern age. Like most New Yorkers, until recently, I had a bathtub that I would have never laid my body into because it was super old, like prewar old (prewar = never really clean, no matter what), and tiny. My bathtub now is still tiny, but clean. Very clean.

the queen with super models, behind the mirror, spending the day off

2.) Indulge in a Face-mask.

When a beauty routine calls for once a week, it means best chance scenario, women do it once a month. At which point you feel very accomplished and great about yourself.

3.) Read a magazine.

“I have read every magazine that I subscribe to,” said no woman ever. I mean really, there is always some article in some publication, hard copy or digital, that has been recommended and you would like to read.

pile of vogue, behind the mirror, spending the day off, many magazines

4.) Sit in silence.

I don’t need to explain that one.

5.) Putting on fancy creams to my entire body.

If this was a timed race, such as a marathon, the Kenyans would probably win this one too because it takes me about an hour to really put on all the fancy creams I have behind my mirror. I never have an hour, so I usually manage to put a few on here and there. I don’t feel bad about it because fancy creams are expensive and by not using them that often, they don’t run out, and that means I don’t have to buy more. It is similar to a cost saving exercise. But, when I am home alone I put them all on, the fat girl slim to my thighs, the color corrector to sun spots, foot cream with a sock, just writing them out sounds enjoyable.

6.) A BIG glass of wine.

Not the normal size glass of wine that one can pour in front of others without being judged. No, I am not pouring that type of glass of wine because I am just going to have to get up, stop being lazy for 3.5 seconds, and get another. Frankly, I don’t want to.

girl with her stomach showing drinking wine, behind the mirror, spending the day off

7.) Put extra oils and creams in my hair.

First, it should be noted that a. I don’t brush my hair every day and b. I certainly do not wash it every day. That does not mean I don’t enjoy putting many a product in my damp hair once out of the bath. Moroccan oil, styling spray, or smoothing serum, it doesn’t matter which one, it makes my hair feel great and I feel great as a result.

8.) Finally, my favorite thing to do when I am alone is either go to bed absurdly early OR take a nap.

Everyone knows the secret to not looking tired. In my delusional thoughts this is a way for me to get up earlier and start the day as I would like to, but that would be a crazy person thought. However, nothing beats laying your head down on a cold pillow and calling it a day.

girl lying in bed, girl lying in bed with messed up blankets,behind the mirror, spending the day off

All this may sound pretty boring. And it would have sounded pretty boring to me too about a decade ago. In fact, it would have sounded like someone two seconds from putting on a pair of sweatpants which we all know is a sign of defeat. But, rest assured it hasn’t gotten that bad. Actually, what am I saying? It isn’t bad at all, it is pretty damn enjoyable. Give it a whirl and then tell me otherwise. I dare you.

I am curious, is anyone else feeling this transition? Does this come with age or am I another victim of S.A.D?

***beauty always comes from within, photos from here, here, and here, xoxo behind the mirror***

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  • Sarah

    Number one on my home-alone-list: a huge two hour power nap. My friends already laugh about me but for me it’s pure luxury! What I also really enjoy is throwing things away. That might sound like a kind of anti-messy but I think its so liberating to sort out stuff ;)

    • YES! Throwing things away needs to be added to the list immediately. I love to throw junk out… talk about enjoying some time alone, just the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Great addition!

  • Talita Táiti

    I love relaxing and having “me” time too. I think it’s partially because I’m an only child and just grew up that way. I’m glad you’re finding joy in pampering yourself and slowing down a bit. You should try meditation too, even a few minutes a day does wonders to your sanity. PS. thanks for the sweet comment in my blog, it was lovely of you!

    <3, T
    Talita, Says

  • Natalia

    It doesn’t sound boring AT ALL! It sounds fabulous and just perfect! x


  • Adrianne Valentine

    haha! I completely recognize myself in this article, very well written. All 7 of these are on my Yes-Finally-I’m-Home-Alone to-do list!

    • Behind the Mirror

      Oh, that makes me so happy to hear! There really is an a-ha moment when you get to be home alone with nothing to do but focus on whatever you want.

  • fashmongers

    Well written, great blog!


  • Sharon Pate

    I agree completely. Americans live in such a go, go, go society. Time is needed to decompress and to think about our day. In order to be at your best you must de-stress is now my motto. I love drinking wine and reading magazines. This is my favorite relaxation activity. I just need to make more time for it.


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